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What All Great Hospitals Do


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from healthleaders media

august cover story: what all great hospitals do

healthleaders magazine, aug 14, 2007

817-grey.gif great companies have a core belief in their product that pushes them to the top. great sports teams are singularly focused on winning. great universities have an unwavering dedication to learning and teaching and not much else.

but what do great hospitals do? what are the core ingredients that combine to make a hospital one that is remarkable, outstanding or exceptional? the modern american hospital is an impossibly complex matrix of skills and services, so often the thing that makes a great patient services rep and a great overnight lab tech have little to do with each other.

but there are traits that all great hospitals possess--tendons that hold together the movement of the larger organization. in an industry rightfully obsessed with measurement and outcomes, healthleaders pauses to look at the sometimes overlooked characteristics that lead to excellence....

I'll say it again.

NURSING CARE is the reason for a hospital!

An out patient clinic or physicians office and a hotel can provide everything else. Yes that inclused the lab. Hospitals exist because some sick people need a nurse.

This is so true. I work for a large multi state facility that aggressively advertises goal to do the right things for patients/families/customers with focus on improving performance. The problem, however is they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. You are fortunate to be with an institution that performs according to its plan an advertisements.

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