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What do aid's do?


What exactly does a CNA do on a med/surge floor? I know they do vitals, bathing, etc. What else are they responsible for? And what is the difference between a CNA and a Patient Care Tech, other than being certified? Thanks :)

abundantjoy07, RN

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Based on what I've seen during my clinicals on the Med-Surg floor CNA's do exactly what you said...bathing, toileting, and assisting clients in ADL's. Their duties don't really change too much from floor to floor.


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A Certified Nursing Assistant is able to perform the skills that he/she has successfully learned in the class (activities of daily living, vital signs, etc.) You asked what else they are responsible for...well, as a clinical technician/CNA, I can say that you are responsible for notifying the nurse of any changes in your client. Ex. You notice a significant change in the vital signs...a change in mental status...anything that the patient tells you (I'm having chest pain or trouble breathing)...etc. Anything that gives you the feeling that something is wrong, whether it is or isn't.

The difference between a CNA and a Patient Care Tech really depends on the facility that you are working for. A PCT could just be the facility's job title for a CNA. Or it could mean that there are higher qualifications needed for the position (ex. EMT, corpsman, etc.)

Hope this helps!

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Aside from the usual VS and patient comfort tasks, my work as a patient care tech on med-surg involved drawing blood and obtaining other types of specimens, running 12-lead ECGs, patient transportation and floating to other floors which might have somewhat different expectations of a tech.

I no longer work there. That hospital demanded a lot from the techs but I'm that much better prepared to handle the tasks of a nurse because of it.

The techs and aids on my floor do all the above posted things and also stock rooms with supplies, some scrub in for C-sections, and they can cath pts if need be.

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