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What is achieve test prep?

by AspiringRN27 AspiringRN27 (Member)

I keep reading about their benefits and how you can earn your degree online but from what school is your actual degree in?

well "ATP" is a private company that focuses on helping RN and BSN online students to get their degree through Excelsior and other online colleges. if you are pursuing your RN degree then you will get your degree through Excelsior, BSN you have couple of colleges to choose from(i think). "ATP" provide you with materials(notes) and class room/virtual lecture to help you understand Excelsior's nursing classes. This school is not approved or overlooked by Excelsior at all. This is basically a tutoring center that has nurses with BSN/MSN that would help you understand nursing thru their experiences and by providing you with comprehensive lecture. some instructors are good at what they doing others good at reading PP!! It is all about how good of a self-learner you are.


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Bottom line is Achieve Test Prep, The College Network, Rue, Chancellor's etc are an added expense that you don't necessarily need to pay for. If you are motivated and responsible you can go directly through Excelsior and save yourself several thousand dollars.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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It's a private tutoring company neither affiliated nor endorsed by Excelsior College. You are not guaranteed admission to Excelsior and all charges are in addition to the tuition, fees, test fees and other charges from Excelsior. You must apply to Excelsior and pay the DC required costs in addition.

Achieve Test Prep is not a school (at least their name implies what they are--a tutoring/test prep company) and they cannot grant degrees or diplomas.

If you are a self motivated independent learner skip ATP, TCN, Rue, Chanellors, etc. Students that are successful using outside tutoring companies did their research and understood that this is a private third party company not affiliated with Excelsior. They fully utilized services offered and understood their obligations to the contract signed

The charges are not covered by financial aid or student loans. You may be able to secure private financing or private loans to cover the costs but are not afforded the protections of federal student loans and grants.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

Specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics. Has 11 years experience.

Also, the program is intended for currently licensed/certified paramedics/EMT-P/MICP, certain military medics, respiratory therapists, and LPNs. The EC program is NOT an entry to practice RN program. The program is not accepted in every state, not at all in CA. Some states only accept the ASN from EC if done as an LPN to ASN/RN bridge not as a medic/RRT to ASN/RN bridge.