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Can someone tell me what is really like as far as their RN to BSN program? I tried an online RN to BSN program and didn't like it. I hate the discussion boards because I think they're busy work and I just BS through them anyway to get points. And I don't like deadlines that are set during the middle of the week that are difficult for me to complete. My week is fairly busy but I can do homework all day long on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking for a less structured program (for example, I'm looking for a program that doesn't have something due every other day) and I'm intrigued by WGU's competency-based program. Can someone explain that more please?

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Everything you hated about your other program does not exist at . No discussion boards. No group projects. No 'hard' deadlines. You have your courses assigned at the beginning of your 6 month long term. you have until the last day of the term to complete them. If you want to do school and take your exams on the weekend- you can. If you cannot even think about school from Tue-Thurs, that's fine too.

The only exception to this is the '820' class (I believe titled Professional Communications) It has live cohorts/ webinars (four of them I believe) but you have a skillion choices of when to attend. This is the first course for everyone in undergrad health professions, and once you're done with it (approximately two weeks) everything in the first paragraph applies.

Full disclosure: I work for WGU, but I also am a two-time grad and could never have done my BSN if it weren't for them- as I worked nights and was raising four kids. They literally changed my life- and I returned to school for my doctorate at age 60 so I could work for them! #truestory

This is helpful information! I'll give them another look. Any comments from anyone else?

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This is helpful information! I'll give them another look. Any comments from anyone else?

I have three degrees from (MSN MBA BSN) and agree with everything meanmaryjean says. I didn't have to take the first class she mentioned because my BSN was in 2013. But other than that and the capstone for the MBA, no group projects/discussion boards, etc. I did all my degrees each in under 3 months but that's a huge YMMV. WGU is on your schedule, so you can do it accelerated or at a normal pace, whatever works for you.

I live in GA, but I'm interested in the Florida campus. Are the lectures online? How often are labs and clinicals? I'm willing to travel for the clinicals.

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I am an Associate Degree RN and have applied to the RN to MSN (Informatics) program. I am wondering if I should change my objective and do the RN to BSN first and then do the BSN to MSN. Any thoughts from those of you who have completed degrees at ?

I am also wondering if it requires a PC or if my Mac will be ok.

I'm looking forward to starting, just not sure whether there's advantages to doing the BSN and MSN incrementally or if I should proceed on the RN to MSN path.

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