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WGU HOUSTON NOV 1 2014 Cohort Start Date


Hello Everyone

I was wondering if there is someone out there anxiously waiting to hear back about acceptance into WGU Houston Nov 1 2014 Cohort Start Date. Any support or info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I'm also anxiously waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully, we'll hear from them soon.


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Hello guys. I'm in the Sept 1 Houston cohort. Wish you all the best getting in!

@smartlexus..I wish you best of luck. Hopefully well meet in Bootcamp :-)

@smartlexus I wish you best of luck. Hopefully well meet in bootcamp :-)

Protectnurse. Thanks for the post. How hard was boot camp. I understand we use Mosby and ATI nursing to prepare for the CNA skills. Also what classes were you enrolled in first and how is it going so far. Were you an online student ever before :-). Thanks :-)


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I will just say you need to prepare for it. I have been an online student before, this is my second bachelor degree program.

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I am a Houston student about to start the last term on November 1 I wish you lots of luck and offer you this advise study as much as possible and tell everyone in your life this is your time and you gave to be selfish to succeed. You really need an understanding family and job. I work 40-50 hours a week and have a teenage son with lots of commitments and a husband. Everyone including my son is very understanding and help alot!


Thank you so much for the words of advice and encouragement. I really appreciate your feedback. Right now I am still waiting to hear back if I was selected for the program and have to admit the anticipation is hard. If you dont mind me asking....what was your TEAS score and science GPA. Again thank you for the post

Did anyone hear from WGU about admissions into the Nov 1 Houston 2014 cohort yet. Thanks


I was wondering if you heard anything yet from WGU. Congrats also on being waitlisted to Texas Tech.



Did you hear anything from WGU yet. Congrats on getting waitlisted for Texas Tech

No. My enrollment counselor said they haven't started looking into as of yet.

Thanks for answering, I haven't heard anything either...lets keep each other posted once one of us learns something...good luck :-)

Will do. Good luck to you as well!

Just got an email saying that I'm provisionally excepted into the nursing program. Hopefully you'll hear something from them soon. Let me know!

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I got an email that I was not selected. I wish you the best of luck. I am accepted in an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program but was hoping to continue to work while I was pursuing my Nursing dream through WGU. Best regards

Those programs go by quickly. Best wishes to you in your studies. You may find another opportunity dealing with work. There are lots of scholarships and loans (loan forgiveness for nurses, they'll help you pay them back with service on some) out there for nursing. Congratulations on the beginning of a new chapter!