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For the pre licensure BSN program Clinical Cohorts are the only things that are at a facility. All other course work is done online.

For the RN-BSN everything is done online & it's a lot of assignments, thesis papers and such, there are no clinicals with the RN-BSN program.


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I kind of figured that after seeing the posts.

Gives me some relief that we are still involved in a group although courses are done online, we still work as a class and not alone.

Do we go to a facility at all during out class times? Like labs or skills training facility? Any actual meetings for the cohorts?

Yes, cohorts meet for labs and you will likely run into classmates at the hospital as well. Usually someone is working the same day as you. The nonclinical courses are a little more flexible than the clinical courses as far as scheduling. Sometimes they will let you pick which one you want to work on next. They are sort of self paced, but you have firm deadlines by when somethings needs to be done by. (You can't just roll everything over to the next term.)

You do work mostly alone, but you will interact with your cohort.

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I currently have a student in her third of six clinical rotations who has been introduced to the manager by her coach with the words "You need to hire this girl!"

ALL of our clinicals are conducted like traditional programs capstone- you work a full shift with the same nurse throughout the rotation. It makes for a superior experience (in my opinion- having worked with other programs from my job as a staff RN) and you gain real exposure to work environments. The nurses really get to know you, your work habits, etc. You REALLY get a chance to shine and make yourself known.

I didn't go to WGU but my school's clinicals were structured this way. I absolutely loved it! I've had outstanding networking experiences as well, and I feel like it did wonders for competency and critical thinking.

We were allowed to really grow, carry a full patient load if we got to that point, do all charting with a cosign, and learn hospital procedure inside and out; we attended report and got our patient assignments that day rather than going in the night before. Also, our nurse preceptors specifically signed up to teach, so we didn't have the personality clashes/interpersonal issues that I seem to hear a lot about. Just wanted to throw that out there. Good luck to all of you! :)

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meanmaryjean --- Do you know if they do any clinicals in NW Indiana?

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I have a question about the RN-BSN program. Is it recognized in all states? Have you heard of people having difficulty finding a job in hawaii with a WGU degree?


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I haven't heard of anyone having any difficulty in Hawaii after attending WGU.

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Cali2015, do you personally know of anyone in Hawaii with a WGU degree?


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I don't know of anyone personally but I know several people who have applied.