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Hey all, Just wondering if anyone else is starting this program Oct 1st....? maybe we could start a support system of sorts....I am excited to finally get on the road to finishing this... Read More

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    Quote from nicki14
    did you find an answer? I am in same boat
    It shouldn't be a problem. I saw people on the FB group who moved to a different state during the program. I'd just make sure you get your RN license transferred prior to the move if at all possible so that you have an active license.

    You do not need a clinical facility, per se. There is a community health class that needs hours, but they aren't clinical hours and requires no affiliation with a particular facility. There is one project that requires someone at your workplace to sign off on it, which could be a problem if you move prior to finding a job, but you could probably just have someone at your old job sign off on it if you left on good terms.

    The only problems I can see would be trying to move partway through completing the second Community Health class (since you're supposed to be addressing a single geographic location), or moving *too* California after you've already completed the second community health class (California has more specific requirements for this class), but that's usually one of the last classes, and you should be able to slam out the remaining classes quickly before moving if that's the case. Or possibly moving to a state where WGU doesn't accept applicants, such as North Carolina.

    If you're talking about the pre-licensure BSN program, which does include clinical hours, that's a different story. They do clinical hours only at a few specific facilities. I don't know if it is possible to transfer to a different cohort (I'd imagine it would be a space-available thing), but you absolutely would have to complete the clinicals at one of the facilities where they already have a program in place, and quite possibly only at the facility where you were originally enrolled. They can't just "hook you up" in some random city.
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