WGU prelicensure, anyone else here?

  1. Saying hi. I am super excited about this and nervous too. I just called last week and have prereqs to work on, but really hoping I will get accepted into their nursing program. The website says it's competitive admission, but from talking to the adviser it didn't sound very competitive. I am hoping she's not just trying to pull me in. I have been in a nursing program before and was an A student, but didn't complete it because of things going on in my personal life. I am in a much better spot to go now and this program would be perfect for me. Just wanting to say hi and connect with some other students. Wondering if anyone else is here prelicensure bsn? I am also trying to come up with a plan B in case I don't get accepted. I am little worried that I am going to spend all this money and time on their prereqs and not be accepted.
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  3. by   agldragonRN
    good luck teresa! i hope you get accepted.
  4. by   SilverLove
    Hi Teresa,
    I was curious what happend? Did you decided on WGU or going elsewhere? I also saw you haven't logged into this site since July 20th, hope you come back soon, so that we can find out .....what you decided on....