WGU Pre-Licensure- Dallas Summer 2017

  1. Hello Everyone! I was searching to see if anyone had posted about the upcoming cohort coming up here in Dallas. Since i couldn't find anything i decided to make one. I am interested to see if anyone has applied? or has received any news? been accepted? or even older students, if you have any advice for this program.

    I already have a Bachelors, but i would like to end up in a Np Midwifery program. If anyone has any information on schools that will accept students with a BSN from WGU,while not being turn off by their pass fair approach, i would truly appreciate it!

    Fingers crossed that i get accepted!
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    I applied for the July start date. Five more days until we for sure find out, I guess. Getting super nervous!
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    Hi! I hope you got in. Do you mind sharing your stats and how you went about with the application process? For the letter Of Recommendation, is there a template?

    Thanks in advance!
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    This is Great!!! Thank you so much for this information.
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    Me too! I cant wait till i know if i made it. But my counselor told me that it could be anywhere from Monday the 22nd till Friday the 26th for them to let us know. Did they tell you something different?
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    @bestnurse94 No problem.

    I have a bachelors and masters already ( Health science and Healthcare Administration )
    B average for the prerequisites
    Overall score : 83.3
    Percentile ranking 92%
    Reading Score 91.5 ( was told they really care about this one in particular )
    There wasn't a template that i saw, i already had letters or recommendation for a different program so i just used that.
    My enrollment counselor was really great, she was the one that i called non stop and emailed if i needed anything.
    Hope this helps! and Thank you!!! fingers crossed.
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    Oh my gosh! You rock! That is an awesome teas score. I also didn't know that they look extra carefully at the reading score- good to know! Makes sense considering it is mostly an online program. Also, congrats on your bachelors! You certainly have an advantage! Fingers crossed you and everyone else on this thread gets in!! )

    I'm trying for the January start date since I just missed the application period you're talking about! Fingers crossed I get in! I have a 4.0 in the sciences and have yet to take the teas
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    If anyone is reading this and has gotten into the prelicensure program for California/Texas please comment your stats!!! )) will definitely be lurking this thread! Good luck to us all!
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    So I misheard what the enrollment counselor told me a couple weeks ago when she told me when we'd know, lol! I only heard the 22nd, and she said the week of. So... Still waiting. She told me yesterday they would definitely have a list this week, but she'll be out on Friday so hopefully she gets it by Thursday!

    My stats:

    Associate's in Health Information Management
    3 years experience in ED registration
    84.7 TEAS score
    3.65 GPA for pre-reqs

    I was given a template for the letter of recommendation, my previous employer just filled it out with the checkmarks, didn't write any notes (she's a little busy with her new job title and duties and probably didn't think to write anything). The enrollment counselor said that was fine. I hope so. When you talk to the enrollment counselor, make sure they send you an email with links in it. Should have about five things that you'll need to apply to the program. The template is one of the links, it's just a PDF.

    No update on the student portal yet (though might not change until after I find out either way). Still have access to that because I switched from an education program at WGU last month.
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    @Bestnurse94 Thank you so much! I really hope that's enough to make the cut! But we should know by the end of this week if we got in so fingers crossed! i will make sure to update this thread. but with your 4.0 gpa i think you have a great chance of getting accepted, just make sure to rock your TEAS! and take it early just in case you need to take it again.

    Best of luck to you!!!
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    I've been enrolled with WGU since 12/1/16 and will be entering the BSRN program June 1.

    My stats:
    No experience in medical field
    Bachelors is General Studies
    82 TEAS score
    3.0 GPA on science pre-reqs
    Statistics and Psychology transferred

    Super excited I was accepted into the actual Nursing program! I'm enjoying the process with WGU so far, there provide many resources.
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    @Gangsteroids Great stats lady! Hahaha i must have overlooked the template. I found out about this program late so i had to rush through my application process.

    I do wonder if anyone knows how many spots are available for the Dallas campus?

    But fingers crossed for the both of us!!