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Is WGU accredited? I don't see the name of the school listed under either CCNE or NLN website.... Read More

  1. by   ShondaJ
    Quote from NURSINGHEART21
    I'm sorry, I'm totally not looking to aggravate anyone but I have been looking at the California CCNE and CA BRN website and do not see the Western Governors MASTERS program as being accredited. The Bachelors program seems to be and I have received that same email above but the email is pretty general. It does not say Masters in Nursing. Please help me understand this better. I really want to start at Western Governors this April but honestly being BRN and CCNE accredited is obviously really important.

    CCNE Accredited Nursing Degree Programs

    Board of Registered Nursing - RN Programs (scroll down to the msn approved schools)

    Thank you for your replies!

    The Western Governorz University is accredited and is approved by the California BRN. They have multiple programs and are listed under the Bachelor but is approved for the whole nursing program which includes the Masters as well.

    No need to keep worrying about. Many nurses working with a Masters from WGU in California. If they werent approved they would not be offering it to California students.
  2. by   Mony mony
    I see that WGU is accredited by CCNE, but do not see NLN accreditation. I spoke with WGU today, and was told they are NOT NLN accredited. That is a big bummer, as I was hoping to get my Public Health Nursing certification in Ca.
    Has anyone done the RN to BSN at WGU and received the Public Health Cert?
  3. by   featherzRN
    The California practicum is special to allow you to get your PHN (it has a home site requirement). I am no longer in CA, but afaik you will qualify for the PHN with your WGU degree. Would double check with the CA BRN and WGU to be sure.