Starting WGU February 1st, 2018

  1. Thank you for allowing me to join all nurses. I am slated to begin WGU February 1st, 2018. I have been an ASN nurse for 17 years now. It is time for a change
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  3. by   meanmaryjean

    I started the WGU RN-to-BSN program after I was an ADN for 30 years- literally didn't know how to copy and paste! Was REALLY leery of the online environment and unsure of myself.

    Best thing I ever did for my career. Good luck!
  4. by   cassie77775
    I am also slated to start February 1st! I've had my ADN for 5 yrs almost and am now needing my BSN as many places we want to move are requiring it.
    I'm really hoping to finish in 6 months, we will see!
  5. by   Kbroom
    I am also starting the Rn-bsn on February 1st. I have had my adn for 2 years. I plan on doing the orientation when I get home from a meeting at work today.
  6. by   Hisdaughter7
    I just passed my STATS class at WGU!!! It is a difficult class, especially if you've never taken statistics. With that being said, it is possible with diligence and perserverance and lots of prayers! Many weeks of tears, but persistence. Thank you Lord Jesus that class is now behind me!
  7. by   NurseRusso
    Hi everyone!! I'm starting WGU August 2018. I am looking forward to starting and getting my BSN. I have been a nurse for over 10 years so its been a while since I went to school. I was wondering if there is anyone who has recently started who can share how they feel about the program so far and if anyone can offer a word of advice.
  8. by   Hisdaughter7
    Hello! I just started in April and it's ok.
    It depends on how many pre-req you need. That makes a huge difference. My advice is take 1 course at a time and focus on that. Don't make the same mistake I did by getting caught up on
    trying to finish the entire program in 6 months. Everyone has a different situation and different amount of courses to take. Definitely communicate with your course instructors. I've liked every single one so far. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would've done this in the classroom. But I'm stuck now. I'm hoping it will get better when I start taking the actual nursing courses. Feel free to reach out if there is anything I can help you with.
  9. by   NurseRusso
    Thank you for the response. The only pre read I have to take are statistics and biochem. I know it will be hard at first to get back in the groove of doing school work again but I know I have to do it. I will take one class at a time and thanks for letting me know I can reach out. We can all help each other in this journey. Any pointers let me know as I will share mine when I start next month. : )
  10. by   Hisdaughter7
    That's great that you only have 2 to complete! That makes a huge difference. The instructors for Stats were awesome!
    I'm sure you will do well!
  11. by   RocketsRedHair
    Hi! I'm finishing up my pre reqs now. I have my Human Growth to finish, then I'll be applying to the program. Bachelors in Homeland Security and Public Safety. Needing a change, and nursing will be in high demand.
  12. by   BlueShoes12
    Good luck, everybody! I started Feb. 1st as well and just completed 28 units in my 6-month term - and that was with several periods of laziness, too. I have 13 credits to finish in the second term before I graduate.