Starting RN to BSN 3/1/13. Who's with me?

  1. I'd love to hear from others who are starting the program on 3/1.
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  3. by   nikkibobicky
    Quote from LoveToHike
    I'd love to hear from others who are starting the program on 3/1.
    I am!! I finished that EWB class in a night and a half and I'm pretty excited to start! I haven't gotten any mentor information yet, I'm assuming we don't get that 'till 3/1/13, but I can see both the classes I need to take and the stuff that transferred
  4. by   lwest07
    Hi I am also starting RN to BSN 03/01/13 is there anyone else starting
  5. by   LoveToHike
    There's a few of us on AN that are starting 3/1.

    Nikkibobicky you should have been contacted by your mentor already. I've been in e-mail contact with mine already. You might want to contact your Enrollment Counselor and ask.
  6. by   BeachCathyRN
    Show is it going - I start on April 1st and just wanted to see how you all are doing.
  7. by   nikkibobicky
    I finished the assessment class in about two weeks, and I'm scheduled to take my statistics assessment on Tuesday. I really enjoy my program mentor and I enjoy the way the classes are set up. My goal is to finish in 6 months, but, realistically, I'll definitely be done within 12 months at this rate.
  8. by   LoveToHike
    How has the stats class been? Is it a lot of calculations or is it mainly terms and concepts? I'd already taken it before starting WGU, and I've wondered how WGU's class compares to what I took.

    How was the test for Health Assessment? I'm scheduled to take mine on Saturday.
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  9. by   skoolrn
    Im in stats now and so far its my least favorite class. Its a lot of theory and even though i have taken stats before I find myself floundering around. uggh! I dont do any type of math well Health Assessment was good, actually learned something in that one. Test had a large variety of questions. Be ready for anything to be asked.
  10. by   LoveToHike
    Thanks for the info. I've learned (and relearned) a lot in the Health Assessment class. I'll be glad when the test is over...

    Why are you taking stats again?
  11. by   skoolrn
    I took stats in the 1980's, WGU requires it within 5 yrs for it to transfer
  12. by   LoveToHike
    That's too bad! I didn't mind the class, but wouldn't look forward to taking it again especially since I'm trying to finish in 1 term.
  13. by   nikkibobicky
    Yeah, there aren't any actual calculations on the stat assessment- it's all theory. I made concept maps and focused only on the competencies. When I finished the test, I had no idea if I'd passed or not, but I did.
  14. by   Irish RN
    Hi all! I am inquiring into the are the assessments set up? Is it via webcam with instructor or is it point and click tests on blackboard?