1. I applied for a few of their scholarships about two weeks ago...
    Do you get told if you are declined?
    How long would you wait for a telephone interview before giving up hope?

    My tuition is due in three days haha...
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  3. by   LM NY
    How did you learn about these scholarships? I feel left out now lol

    I hope you get it Good luck!
  4. by   pixiestudent2
    They are all the wgu website... You can log in and apply
  5. by   LM NY
    Only before you enroll or can you still do it after you start school?
  6. by   pixiestudent2
    I think you have 60 days after you enroll. Don't quote me haha
  7. by   kidzcare
    I received an email stating that I was not awarded a scholarship. Pell Grants are covering a really large portion of my tuition but a scholarship would have been sweet.

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