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Hi everyone! Looking to see if anyone is with me to start on 1/1/13 for the RN-MSN program? Any former graduate tips would be greatly appreciated too!! :)... Read More

  1. by   NURSINGHEART21
    Quote from thecoolnurse
    Hi Nursingheart21, I would suggest that you apply now as it takes time to send transcripts and have them review it. Plus you have to take the entrance assessment, etc.. It's better that all your requirements are ready As far as BSN goes.. There are no clinicals.. There's just a practicum at the end where u get to choose ur own topic.. Im in CA so I had to find a preceptor myself. You can do it in any hospital as long as you find a willing preceptor. I was told that in other states, theres no need for a preceptor. Check w ur enrollment counselor. Good luck Merry Christmas!!
    Thank you so much for the info. Do you happen to know anything about the Masters program? I'm planning on going for the msn- education. Merry Christmas to you too!!
  2. by   bs1128
    Hello! I am a WGU Hopeful. I have all of my pre-reqs done with the exception of A&P II with lab which I plan to do next semester. I have a few questions as I am interested in the CA Campus (Pasadena, Cesars) Their website says "Highly Competitive. Of course it is highly competitive as there are so many of us that are trying to get degrees! However, there are no clear guidelines. I'm thinking it would require a 4.0 in Sciences. Has anyone applied to the CA locations that was accepted and would be willing to share your grades/TEAS score? This is for the prelicensure BSN not the RN-BSN option...Thanks to anyone willing to share information!
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  3. by   RNTC
    2/1/13 start date. I'm going for Leadership & Management at WGU
  4. by   sheri256
    Quote from RNTC
    2/1/13 start date. I'm going for Leadership & Management at WGU
    I'm starting 2/1 with RN-MSN Leadership and Management. Is that the program your in?
  5. by   RNTC
    Yes I start 2/1 RN-MSN Leadership and Management. After my transfer evaluation, these are the courses I have to take:
    Issues in Behavioral Science
    Language and Communication: Presentation
    Applied Health Care Statistics
    Health Assessment
    Clinical Microbiology with lab

    More then I had hoped but I am ready to get started.
  6. by   tomsgirl42
    2/1/13 RN to MSN Education. .. anyone else?
  7. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I have just completed the masters program and it is a lot of writing and three exams are included. The exams can be a bit tricky. It is doable and you will do great.
  8. by   curiousg74
    Hey Everyone - I'm thinking of doing RN-MSN (already have BS in Biology). How was the readiness test?? Did anyone need to study for it and if so what did you study?
  9. by   NurseYari
    The readiness assessment is just a general knowledge test, not too much studying involved. Except brushing up on math skills if they're a little dusty.
    So far, still on track to begin 2/1/13...anything I should be preparing on before starting? I can't wait to hit the books again!
  10. by   marycarney
    As a two-time WGU grad - here's my advice.

    1) Buy a copy of PERLA software - it formats citations in the papers you write according to APA guidelines. Microsoft Office has an error in its software when it comes to multi-author sources.It's about $35 and the best $$ I spent.
    2) SCHEDULE study time like you would schedule a dentist appointment for the first couple of weeks. Be sure your family and employer know about the 'appointments'. Once you establish good habits - it gets easier.
    3) Do something every day - even if it's just opening up the student portal and reading a couple screens in the COS.
    4) Best advice EVER from a mentor: If you cannot figure out something related to school (tech issue/ assessment issue / what are they asking me for?) in five minutes, reach out to one of the resources available to you. Time spent spinning your wheels does not move you forward, it only digs you in deeper. Time spent reaching out for assistance is forward motion. always be moving forward.
  11. by   NurseYari
    @marycarney, I have been hoping for a response from the WGU queen of degrees herself!

    Thanks for the tips, I will definitely be looking into getting the PERLA software you mentioned. I am scheduled to have my 1st mentor phone call tomorrow and she will start opening up classes for me.

    I keep reading about this AWESOME student success kit, usually how far after your start date do you recieve the kit? anyone know? Im Stoked!
  12. by   skoolrn
    @marycarney, I will definately be buying the PERLA software! Thank you so much for that tip!

    @NurseYari, I am anxiously waiting for my transcript eval! WGU got my last transcript on 1/14 so I'm hoping I hear something soon. I got my first bill but I haven't been "packaged" by financial aid yet. So... how long did it take for you to hear about your transcripts and did you take any loans out???
  13. by   RN*mommy
    Hi there! I know my student success kit showed up within the month of me starting, and it was awesome! All kinds of WGU goodies!

    I'm also a huge fan of the PERRLA software. Money well spent!

    Best of luck to you! Hope you love the program!