Just receive credit transfer evaluation

  1. Soo I just received my transfer credit evaluation via email and it looks like the classes that were not met include statistics, Human growth and development, survey of govt.. (never taken before), and speech (received a D in the previous school attended). I also received 50 credits towards having my RN license. I have not yet heard from my enrollment counselor because I just received the email around 4 (im thinking she might call tomorrow) but I'm really curious to know how many credits I would have to take in order to fulfill the RN-BSN requirement. I looked on wgus website and then calculated how many credits were transferred in and which ones were not. I got a total score of 42 credits but I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out the actual number of credits I will have to take or where I can find additional resources.

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  3. by   klone
    I would say that around 40 sounds right. When I did my BSN, I had to take 3 additional prereqs, and I had 37 credits total.
  4. by   spearsfm
    OK thank you for the response!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I transferred 86 credits (36 academic credits + 50 credits for the active RN license), leaving me with 34 credits to complete.

    I had two non-nursing prerequisite courses: statistics and biochemistry. I had one nursing prerequisite class, which was the health assessment course.

    My start date was May 2014 and I completed all 34 credits at the beginning of March 2015. I enjoyed the program thoroughly.
  6. by   spearsfm
    I've been following your posts since I was in nursing school @commuter and you seemed very determined . My previous calculation was off by only a couple of credits it looks like I will need to complete 40 credits all together. It would've been 37 had I not received a D in speech which I'm still kind of salty about to this day. But, I'll get over it I'm just hoping I can stay focused and get everything done by December