Florida November 2017 Cohort

  1. I am in the process of applying to WGU's prelicensure program here in Florida. I took the TEAS last week and scored an 86.7%. The only thing left to do is submit my letter of recommendation. The deadline for application completion for the November cohort is Sept 1st. I was wondering if there is anyone currently applying for the program in Florida???
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  3. by   Aeg1075
    I'm in Florida and starting WGU September 1st. I had college credit from 10 years ago and my ADN and with all that I was 70% done with the BSN. I'm in the RN-BSN program. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   Luvinglife01
    Hi, I just requested information. I plan to start in January if all goes well.
  5. by   Lovely2123

    I'm in the same position as you right now. Do you have any updates?
  6. by   Luvinglife01
    Hi, not sure if you are asking me? But I did speak with them, spring co Hort begins in March. Have like 1 class and the teas before I can apply. How about you?
  7. by   Lovely2123
    I have all my prerequisite done and I'm just waiting to get in contact with the enrollment counselor to know when they're starting
  8. by   Luvinglife01
    Great, I had to schedule a time to talk with him. They seem to be busy a lot.
  9. by   mm813
    Hi everyone. I just discovered WGU and I'm very interested in how the program works. Where do they have clinicals? Are there multiple locations? I would greatly appreciate any information! Thanks!
  10. by   iFierce
    Me too. Is it mostly online coursework and labs/clinicals as scheduled?