Westcoast University or Community Colleges for lvn-rn program?


Hello everyone! I am currently an LVN and I am seriously having a hard time choosing between an expensive private school that you can get into fast and more affordable community colleges but with long waiting lists for an lpn to rn bridge program. What is everyone's opinion? Do you think private schools are worth all the money or should I just get on waiting lists for 1-3 years and work while I'm waiting? I need to make a decision quick, so please help! Thank you! -Ms. Indecisive

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Thats something you really going to have to decide for yourself. WCU takes students every 10 weeks so not sure why you feel you need to rush into a decision.


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Oh I have to make a quick decision because the longer I wait, the higher the tuition goes.


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Remember time cost money, why would you want to waist time. Invest in your education and you'll see a return as soon as you pass the nclex. Dont let west coast tution scare you off, what you need to worry about is the money you stand to lose every year you are not working as a Registered Nurse. Do the math and you can see thats far more money down the drain than a $60,000 tution. Thats the mind set i had when i signed on with west coast university. Im going into my 4th term and 9 months to go at the orange country campus. =o) Study, study, and STUDY!!! :twocents:


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go the cheapest route. it's just not worth the debt!


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exactly go the cheapest route!!! sign on with west coast and not waste time and money. wasting time is a huge debt and not worth it.


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I went to a private school and I had no advantage in getting a job or any better pay than anyone who went to the college down the street- or the ADN community college for that matter(don't tell my parents though). Nor did it make me a "better nurse". Don't get me wrong, I feel I got a great education, its just that the "real learning" begins once you start working in my opinion.

If it is a time issue and you need to start working then go for it. But just know that when you start out in the real world, where you went to school won't really make much of a difference.

Good luck to you!

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