Wv Lpn Wage

  1. HI GUYS what to consider far pay for an LPN with 2 years experience for an urgent care in central WV area?

    what the lowest and highest wage for a WV lpn you have hear of??
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  3. by   Noryn
    It has been a long time. In the mid 90s in southern West Virginia the starting wage was around 9.00 /hr for a new grad.
  4. by   barefootlady
    I cannot say for sure but around 14.00/hr. Give or take a dollar. The LPN's in this area are making good money, most around 18.00 or 20.00. Lots of experience and overtime does figure into this wage too.
  5. by   WVStarFish
    I can only say what I know for a new LPN,

    at CAMC, they start at $13 something for days, sorry that's all I know for sure.

    the highest paying LTC is $14 an hour for days, though I've heard most are about the same pay as the hospital. I know that if you work a full 40 hour week and work an extra shift, that extra shift at one facility will earn you about $30 an hour because of the bonus that's offered for extra shifts.
  6. by   barefootlady
    My neighbor told me on Friday she had to demand a day off. She has been working about 60 hours a week for the last month. Her pay checks are great but she is definately in need of a rest. She has been bringing home close to 2k every 2 weeks (that's after taxes)
  7. by   sconoli
    I'm a new grad, graduated in december and I started in LTC and they paid me $14.50/Hr. but since went on to hospital nursing and took a pay cut. I now make only $13/hr and that's with a PM shift differential. So I don't know what you'd expect. I think it also differs with the area you work in. I work in clarksburg and around here, starting wage for hospital LPN is $12/hr. LTC pays more but is so much more demanding and I'll never work that again. It's not worth the headaches and risk losing your license everyday for what goes on in LTC.
  8. by   lexaa777
    I am a recent grad & i just got hired on at a hospital in Charleston. My pay is 13.50, but with shift diff's i make 16.75. I've heard from some of my classmates that LTC starts around 13hr as well.