West Virginia CRNA Programs

  1. West Virginia CRNA Programs

    Charleston Area Medical Center's program in Charleston, WVa is affliated with Marshall University , of Huntington WVa.

    Mountain State University Beckley, WVa
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  3. by   gitterbug
    But WVU is the real top dog in this program. ALways has been and always will be. This program is very difficult to gain entrance. There are so many who have left and applied for work then school in other states, because of the "closed" status of this school. For every 5 people I know who applied, sometimes not a one got in.
  4. by   Sleepy 7
    Sorry to interrupt,
    Has anyone heard from the Mountain State CRNA interviews (aug 06)?
  5. by   gitterbug
    nope. new program?
  6. by   kgill78
    Hello everyone,
    My family and I will be moving to Charleston at the end of the year. I just started going back to school here in Oklahoma. So I am trying to find a nursing school to go to near Charleston. Is CRNA the same as an RN? Does anyone know if West Virginia State is accredited?

  7. by   Noryn
    CRNA is something totally different, it is to become a nurse anesthetist after you have obtained your RN and usually have worked a few years in ICU.

    I dont think (but i could be wrong) that WV State University is accredited yet. I think this fall was the first semester they had a nursing program. I would check into Southern's nursing program though, I think most classes are held about a minute from WV state campus.
  8. by   kgill78
    Thanks, that clears it up a lot. CRNA program sounds like something I would like to do. My husband's job is what is moving us to Charleston. There is a human resources guy that is helping us move and he keeps insisting that West Virginia State has a nursing program (I think it is an associates degree in nursing, not the bachelor's maybe). He said not to go to Charleston Univ. because they lost their accreditation. I don't know, I am just trying to get as much information as possible. If you all have any additional information that you could post I would like to hear it.
    And I will check into Southern's nursing program.
  9. by   gitterbug
    A little travel could pay off. Look into MARSHALL.
  10. by   gitterbug
    Also WVUIT, and most all the prequisite classes from most school qualify to xfer.
  11. by   Noryn
    If you are in Huntington or will be living on campus then Marshall or St. Mary's would be a great option. Huntington is a good 40 minutes from Charleston if not an hour. Plus with the traffic I wouldnt recommend the drive unless it was your last option. You will have little free time in nursing school, plus you will be going to class/hospitals 4-5 days a week. As soon as the elections are over gas will be going back up so I just hate to see anyone travel if they dont have to.

    When choosing a college to do nursing, contact the state board in wv, I think it is www.wvrnboard.com and ask them to provide nclex passage rates for the local colleges. Look for the trends, what school consistently has the best passage rate. You really do need to research this because based on your choices you could pay 10,000 for a school that has a 95 percent rate or 50,000 for a school that has a 85 percent rate (this is just an example), so cost of tuition by no means is indicative of the quality of the program.

    Again, the nursing program at WV state is brand new, so there is no information really about how good the program is in regards to preparing you for the nursing boards. University of Charleston is a great college but it is really really expensive. Unless you are very rich or get quite a bit financial aid I may consider other colleges for a nursing degree plus if they have lost their accreditation (I have not heard this) then that would probably be a good sign to stay away.

    WVU also has a Charleston campus that has the nursing program. I still like what I have read about Southern, it is a good value with an excellent NCLEX passage rate.
  12. by   kgill78
    Yeah, driving that much is not really a good idea for me, unless I just have no other choice. Once or twice a week is fine though. We have decided that we are going to live in the South Charleston/South Hills area. I am going to try and take as much stuff online as possible and take the rest at night. I have a 7 year old, 2 year old, and and 11 month old. I like staying home with them during the day and taking class at night when my husband gets home from work. I don't like daycares for many reasons that I won't go into right now. I know eventually there will come a point where I will have to do clinicals and all that, but I am still trying to get the prereqs. out of the way right now.
  13. by   boRNagain
    The University of Charleston's nursing program has been accredited since 1964 and has graduated over 2500 nurses. This is from the 2003 NCLEX-RN Report: http://www.wvrnboard.com/images/pdf/newssum04.pdf

    Reviewed the 2003 NCLEX-RN report. The national average for 2003 was 87.01%. The average for West Virginia was 86.87%. West Virginia was 30th of the 56 jurisdictions. Of the nineteen (19) programs, eleven (11) were at or above the national average; eight (8) schools were at or above 90% and fourteen (14) schools met the Board's pass rate standard. As a result of this review West Virginia Wesleyan College BSN Program received continued provisional approval. The University of Charleston Associate Degree Program received continued provisional approval. West Virginia University Institue of Technology BSN Program received a letter of concern regarding the pass rate. The University of Charleston BSN Program is requested to provide a plan of action related to the NCLEX-RN pass rate. Shepherd College Associate Degree Program was granted full approval from a provisional status. Reviewed and approved the University of Charleston Associate Degree Program progress report.

    In 2005 the pass rate was 93%.
  14. by   pama
    Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has a site at Institute. The nursing program had 100% pass rate in 2006 on the national licensure exam. Hospitals in the Charleston area are extremely pleased with Southern's graduates. The graduates are professional and ready for the real world of nursing.

    The application deadline for Southern's program is January 31, 2007. You can check out the program and criteria at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

    Please remember, no matter if you graduate from and associate degree or bachelor degree nursing program you will take the same licensure exam. Also, you will have the same license, RN, and receive the same pay.

    Good luck with your search and your education.