VA in Beckley under investigation.

  1. Senator Rockefeller has called for an investigation of this facility due to poor staffing and low morale. Any comments?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    That place has been like that for years. Amazes me how all of the sudden it's just NOW a problem.
  4. by   gitterbug
    Hello Marie,
    Happy Easter to you. Yes, there have been problems there, but most of the vets I know like it better than Huntington.
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Happy Easter to you too.

    It's just a royal shame to me that the message that seems to be sent to veterans by the gov't is "this is the thanks you get for all of your hard work, sacrifice, and service." The veterans deserve way better than they get.
  6. by   Noryn
    That really surprised me when I saw that as I often read positive letters about the Beckley VA in the paper. I know a nurse that works there now and she is simply the best nurse I have ever worked with. I also did my clinicals there and it was always staffed well, it was clean and the hospital is in a beautiful wooded setting.

    If there was anything negative, I guess at the time I was there it didnt have the most modern equipment and services are limited there. For many things, they had to send their patients to either Salem or Richmond.

    Regardless, I have always recommended the Beckley VA to my relatives (who were veterans) as the care they provide is second to none (and that is rare this day and time).
  7. by   gitterbug
    I think one of the issues is physician coverage. For what I have seen, morale is no worse than other facilities in the area. The facility is clean, the food could improve but every institution has that complaint, and there is a good deal of outside support in the area for the vets. I know vets are shipped to Salem, Richmond, and Huntington but I heard that is less common than a few years ago.
    I just hope this problem does not result in another attempt to close this facility. Back in the 90's there was a push to do that, but the community and vets blocked that. I just wish for the best for the vets.
  8. by   blueheaven
    I don't think that Rockefeller or Byrd would let them even think about closing Beckley. Who knows, it could have been some disgruntled family member stirring a pot and called their congressman.

    I worked at the VA in Huntington and have absolutely nothing too bad to say about it.