I got my acceptance letter!!!!

  1. I am so excited!! After weeks of anticipation, today the mail carrier brought my acceptance letter. I just hope that I will be as skilled at caring for others as my nurses have been to me.

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    Congratulations! Make sure to send in your acceptance letter by March 31. In case you are not aware, Southern has the number on ADN program in West Virginia. 459 people applied to the program and only 75 were selected. You are to be commended. See you at the orientation in May.
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    Congrats!!! GOOD LUCH!
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    I was wondering is there anyway you can get accepted into the nursing program at southern without having a 21 on your act. If you took all your elective courses required for the program.
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    Yes you can be admitted to Southern's nursing program without having a 21 on the ACT. The 21 ACT is only one indicator that points are given. We also give points for the following courses with a grade of C or better; English 101 and 102, and Anatomy and Physiology I and II. Points are given for prior learning and the total composite on the NLN Pre-RN exam. You must score above 100 on the Pre-RN exam to be selected.

    New applications for fall 2005 will be available August 11, 2004. The application deadline is January 14, 2005. Contact us in August and we will gladly send you an application. Good luck.