How long to get NCLEX results in WV?

  1. Hey folks!

    I just scheduled my NCLEX today for Jan 17th. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    I did want to know, though, how long does it take to get results from the WVBON and are there any quick results available vs. waiting for the actual notification from the board?


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  3. by   EricJRN
    Unofficial NCLEX-PN results for WV are available through the Quick Results service, but NCLEX-RN results are not.
  4. by   mickey1234
    i know you can go to and the give you a number you can call to get tour results on line or by phone in two days
  5. by   yeepers
    Hey Eric,

    Yeah. I got the list of quick results states from Pearson Vue and saw that WV RN does not participate in quick results.

    I'm still wondering how long it takes the WV RN Board to have results/issue a license after successfully passing the NCLEX.


  6. by   Noryn
    I passed mine about 10 years ago and it took about a week to get them in the mail. There was always a rumor at that time, if you failed the results would "beat you home." Well not literally but it was said you would get them within a few days if you failed.

    I dont know anyone that failed though we were PERFECT! It is frustrating to wait though.
  7. by   Redneckmedic63
    Your results are available through the WV Board of Nursing website very quickly - usually within a couple of days, and you get your stuff in the mail shortly there after. I took mine (a couple years ago) on a Friday morning, results that I passed were online at 9pm that night, and actually received my license in the mail Saturday morning - it was amazing...

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   tessa_RN
    I took my test on a wednesday or thursday and I got my license in the mail on Saturday..It doesnt take too long..Go to the WV State Board of Nursing and look up your license..If it changes from Temp. to permanent then that means you have passed..GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   yeepers
    Thank you everyone! I bumped up the date of the NCLEX one week so instead of the 17th it's tomorrow. Praying for calm nerves and a clear mind!

  10. by   Noryn
    You will do fine! Good luck!
  11. by   yeepers
    Well, apparently it takes less than 24 hours to get "results". I took the test at 9am yesterday morning and, for kicks, checked the online license verification page at 8pm last night and it was already updated.

    How crazy is that? But I'm thankful b/c now I won't spend all weekend stressing

    Have a great weekend all!