HCA to sell all hospitals in WV

  1. Does this affect any members here?
    If so, have you been given any clues on how this may affect your jobs?
    Were you, as staff, given any clues a sale was in the picture?
    Do you think CAMC will buy St. Francis in Charleston?
    Do you think a Huntington facility will buy Putnum General?
    What about St. Joseph's in Parkersburg, is a merger possible with Camden-Clark?

    Why do you think some of the physicians in these areas stopped admitting patients to these facilities? Was it nursing care or the lack thereof, or do you think administration was unresponsive to the needs of certain physicians?

    What about the new cancer center proposed to open at St. Francis?
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  3. by   jl_nurse
    I work at a HCA facility in Tennessee and just recently found out that we are now on the market. I hope your facility is having town meetings like we are to aanswer all our questions.
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I think CAMC will buy St. Francis.
  5. by   KimberRN1
    That's the last thing nurses in WVa need is for CAMC to buy more hospitals...they already pay their nurses the lowest wages in the state and in the US....Let them buy more hospitals and they can pay nurses $5 an hour if they want....CAMC is NOT employee friendly at all....the pay is a joke and I couldn't afford to work there as a RN and pay for my health insurance....I would barely clear $900 for 2 weeks....how sad is that....At least the Huntington hospitals try to be competitive nationally....A Charleston nurse can go to Huntington and make at least $5 more an hour and have free health insurance for themselves and their family....Plus don't you think it's odd that CAMCs RN turnover rate is epidemic??
  6. by   barefootlady
    Spoke with a nurse on Friday who does weekends at SFH. She says they have been sold and no one is telling the staff who bought them. She says all sorts of programs have been offered the older nurses to retire. She is really worried about what to do next. I think the whole area is in bad shape. I know nurses just a few miles away, Huntington, Athens, Ohio, and Galapolis, Ohio talk like they are paid more. Hubby has cousins who are nurses there and they almost started out making more money than me. Yes, CAMC has the nurses are replaceable attitude.. too bad, because they sure need some better ones.
  7. by   passing thru
    How about the HCA hospital near Hurricane, WV / Pt. Pleasant.?? I can't recall the name....
    Is Ohio hiring across the river?
    Anyone know of an update ?
    Maybe the hospitals will be closed and all the nurses go to CAMC?
  8. by   barefootlady
    All of the HCA facilities were sold to a subsidary of HCA, I think the name was Life Point Medical. It has been over a month since it was announced in the paper but no other word regarding how or what changes, if any, will take place at these facilities.
    No, the nurses are not bouncing between CAMC and the other facilities as much anymore.
    Putnum General was in the group that was sold. This is the one in Teays Valley. Very small, very busy, and many staffing issues.
    Ohio has several openings listed on many web sites. It does seem that pay and benefits get better just a short distance into Ohio. Some nurses were driving to facilities around Columbus, Cincinnati, and areas in between for per diem jobs, but I do not know if that will continue with the high price of gasoline.
    There are several rumors that Thomas Memorial is in trouble and may freeze hiring and overtime as much as possible. Don't really know more.
  9. by   barefootlady
    the city of charleston, wv, has stepped up to the plate and raised over 100,000.00 in cash alone today to donate for aid to the victims of katrina. donations were taken by the red cross at several locations. several churches, businesses, local radio/tv stations are taking donations of supplies and money for this area as well. we may be a poor little place, but our hearts and souls are in the right place. i am proud of my state and its people today.
  10. by   SJFperformance
    Are you sure all HCA hospitals are going to be sold?
  11. by   barefootlady
    Quote from SJFperformance
    Are you sure all HCA hospitals are going to be sold?
    Since it was reported in the Charleston Gazette over a month ago that a subsidary of HCA bought the 4 HCA facilities, not CAMC or any other private group, yes I am pretty sure they are sold. WHY????
  12. by   burn out
    this is from an hca employee at putnam general. there are many other issues here that need cleaned up before it can be bought. .. which can be holding up the purchase of the whole group. morale is getting low and adm is getting the camc attitude. right now everyoe is just trying to hold on to their jobs and it doesn't look like any light at the end of the tunnel with lifepoint.. ask someone from logan general lifepoint owns them too. yes the new owners will be lifepoint(i hear a spin off of hca) you didnt hear this here.
  13. by   barefootlady
    Well, I already knew this was an HCA spin-off. I know the attitude is bad at PGH, staffing is low, morale is even lower. I heard that everyone is ready to start looking into jobs in Huntington and Galapolis. True???
    You must be referring to the law suits against PGH and that doctor who was a real disaster for his patients. That, my dear will take years to clear up.
    How do you like your CEO? Little different? Little uncaring with employees?
    How about just down right rude if you are not a "money-maker" for the facility?
  14. by   Sleepy 7
    They bought our succesful non- profit Duke affiliate and they are quickly destroying it with cuts in supplies , workers, services , RN's, CNA's, RRT's,
    CRNA's, Unit secretaries,etc.. The pt per RN ratio is going up in the CVICU.
    The floor nurses are sometimes 12-1 even the surgical floors.
    GET AWAY FROM THEM, THEY arenot About the pt's or the employeesTHIS is a money seeking corporation not a health
    care community minded org in my opinion/ experience.
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