Good-bye transfats

  1. I personally would have been more impressed if St. Francis hospital would improve their menu overall, not just get rid of transfats. Yes, I know they are supposed to have one of the better cafeteria's in town, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. It looks dirty to me every time I go there. So folks, what about the food where you work? Good? Terrible? Somewhere in between?
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  3. by   augigi
    I have never been able to consider eating hospital food. Just knowing how unclean the rest of the hospital is, the thought makes me ill! I could never understand nurses eating left over patient meals.. ick.
  4. by   tessa_RN
    The food in the cafeteria is sometimes good and sometimes it isnt..I think its according when you eat it..If you get it at noon its ok but in the evening its not as good..We have a good salad bar and some things for a Dean Ornish diet which are good for you...They are supposed to be putting up nutritional information soon on most of their food.....I would say that it is about a 7 out of 10...This is at St. Marys
  5. by   Noryn
    CAMC General really impressed me with their food and their eating area. I thought it was pretty nice. Memorial's cafeteria is so-so, kind of like you are in a dungeon though and the food is kind of bland.