Anyone Here From West Virginia????

  1. Hey all... I'll be graduating from ADN program in May 2007...

    I was Offered a job today... @ St. Mary's Medical Center... Huntington, WV.. Pulmonary Step-down...

    Are there anybody out their that knows anything about working there... Like's dislikes... Let me know ....

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  3. by   gitterbug
    Never worked there but have relatives in the area who say facility is great.
    Also worked with nurses who have gone there and loved it. Good luck-take the plunge.
  4. by   magmae
    I was just curious to know where you went to school at?
  5. by   U12beme
    Ashland Community and technical College...
  6. by   magmae
    oh ok thanks I was wondering thats a little far for me thanks
  7. by   U12beme
    Where are you located at? This forum might help you out
  8. by   tessa_RN
    I like St.Marys..I work in the OR so my experience would be different from the floor..I know people that work on the floor and they like it..Plus the benefits are dont have to pay for health insurance if you are full time..Plus after your 90 day eval you accumulate 1 sick day per month..The benefits are a plus for me..Like if you or a family member are seen in the ER you dont have to pay the St. Marys bill..You will have to pay like the doc. bill and radiology and so one but the insurace so far it great..
  9. by   U12beme
    Really... That's awesome about the insurance... I can't wait till May... Thats when I start... I've heard nothing about good things about the hospital already...
  10. by   tessa_RN
    Congrats!!!!!I hope that you like it..I love working at St.Marys...
  11. by   gitterbug
    Hi Tessa,
    Great news and good luck. I am sure you will enjoy working there and will learn a lot.
  12. by   LightCommaStix
    Haven't worked there myself, but several co-workers have and speak of it highly.

    Seemed like a good facility from the perspective of a grand-daughter of a patient last year.
  13. by   blynn9173
    hello, i am from west virginia. i just recently got accepted into a nursing program. i am new to this site.
  14. by   edchunt
    I'm from WV. I just finished my ADN @ D&E. I took my final today and will graduate on Saturday, May 12. I was an LPN and went back for the RN. I will return to work @ the state Psych facility as soon as I get my temp license.