Anyone familiar with Morgantown hospitals? I need info.

  1. Looks like I will be relocating to Morgantown, WV in the near future. I drove by West Virginia Univ. hospital, and actually walked around Mon General. I don't know anyone in the area, but our new landlord mentioned to my BF that i don't want to work at West Virginia....anyway, what is the atosphere at these two hospitals? I am still new (RN for a year) and I am looking for maximum learning potential. Pay is secondary, but I currently work in a LTAC ICU, and I like working with positive, caring people. \

    Are there any other hospitals close by 30 mins or less?
    What is the Pay for RN with one year exp?
    Is it fairly easy to find a job in Morgantown or surrounding areas?

    Thanks in advance for your info.
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  3. by   glutton4punishment
    I posted this already in the West Virginia forum with no response.

    I need some input on Ruby Memorial and Monongalia general hospitals. If you know anything about employment at these two, or any other hospitals in the area, I would really appreciate it. I plan on relocating to Morgantown soon, and I don't know anyone there to ask.

    What's the atomosphere?
    Management attitudes?
    There are lots of jobs posted on the website, is it fairly easy to get a position with one year med/surg experience?

    Thank you in advance. I am super excited to be moving to another part of the country, but a little scared too:heartbeat
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    Call and ask?? I dont know nothin
  5. by   glutton4punishment
    Quote from Sparrowhawk
    Call and ask?? I dont know nothin

    THANK YOU for your advice
  6. by   SoundofMusic
    Hey there -- I actually grew up in Morgantown myself! I've never worked there as a nurse, but I've always known they had a very established and viable hospital system there. Long, long time ago I almost went to WV for a dental hygenist program.

    Morgantown is an AWESOME town to live in, though -- small, yet cultured -- it's a college town, so there's a lot to do (WVU games, etc.). Housing can be cheaper at least than on the east coast, although not dirt cheap.

    It's where my hubby and I want to relocate to eventually ...schools are great and the town is just a classic small town to grow up in. In parts of town, you really can walk everywhere ...WV is also generally just a beautiful state to live in.

    PM me if you want to know more! Or, google Morgantown and they have some great web sites w/ through their chamer of commerce,e tc. It's a fantastic town to raise a family in!
  7. by   Esme12
    Small town but not "hickish". Cost of living is pretty low depending on where you are comming from.........quaint little college town that's people and children friendly!!!!
  8. by   glutton4punishment
    Thanks, y'all! I appreciate the information so much...I have visited once so far, and I absolutely fell in love with the town. My better half is already living there and I can't wait to move....

    I am really looking for some information on the employment side of things. I will be living very close to both Ruby and Monongalia hospitals. I have not applied to either one, as I am waiting on my temporary license.
  9. by   nursemike
    Hi. Haven't been on in awhile, and haven't looked at WV forum even longer. Have to get around to that.

    Morgantown is a nicer town than it looks. Low crime rate, decent schools. Housing is cheaper than NYC. Otherwise cost of living is moderate. Did OB clinicals at Mon Gen. Couldn't tell a lot from that, but on the whole it looks okay. I've known a couple of people who've worked there and none who really hated it. I've been at Ruby for years--it's the only facility I've actually worked in, so it's hard to compare--but I usually don't hate it, either. I genuinely believe mgt wants us to be happy. Sometimes that means encouraging you to turn that frown upside down, sometimes stuff really happens. I suspect that's true of a lot of places. The atmosphere varies a bit from unit to unit, but it isn't toxic.
    Staffing is 1:6 for general med-surg, 1:3 stepdown. 1:6 tends to be pretty busy. Pay is around $24/hr, base starting, which isn't bad for our area. It's a teaching hospital, which I like; Magnet, which doesn't seem to mean much of anything; and kinda the biggest deal in the state. The state has numerous smaller, community hospitals that send cases to us, so you see some variety. Stroke center, Trauma center.
    I'm happy enough, but I'm pretty good at turning that frown upside down. Still, most of the people I work with aren't miserable, and some who are might be miserable anywhere.
    Traffic in Mo'town sucks, and is worse now. Home football games are the pits. We use the stadium parking lots most of the time, but on game days have to park and hike. Still, from what I've heard, free parking is a perk.
    If I knew when I started what I know now, I'd probably still be here.

    ETA: the chances of getting hired at Ruby seem to be quite a bit better than a lot of places I've heard of. Exp definitely helpful. Most hiring occurs June and December, but possible anytime.
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    Thank you, NurseMike...great information.

    One more question, since you said Ruby is a magnet hospital, will they hire ADN's? I don't have a BSN, yet.
  11. by   nursemike
    ADN and diploma both OK. Need BSN for much beyond bedside, MSN for mgt.
  12. by   glutton4punishment
    Muchas gracias, nurseMike!
  13. by   SoundofMusic
    Hope you enjoy it -- pls pass on whatever you find out as time goes on, what your experiences are. Once I finish my NP degree and get a few years experience here in N. Va, we plan to move out and hopefully back to Morgantown. I haven't lived there in 30 years, but recently went to my high school reunion there and it hadn't changed much ... There's still a very cute little main street and they always have parades, special things going on -- it's a very vibrant town.