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I am a pre-nursing student taking my pre-requisite courses at a CC and (hopefully) done with them if my school offers microbiology in the summer. I'm planning on transferring to WCU in the fall. I've read about WCU in this message board and I've seen a lot of negative comments about the school. For the currently enrolled students/alumni, what can you say about the school?

I am turning 24 years old and haven't gotten my degree due to moving from another country. I really would like to finish nursing school soon. I would also like to maybe further my studies into becoming an FNP or PNP in the future.

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how are you a nursing student (in your name) if you haven't be accepted yet?

BeachBedhead, well I couldn't think of a better username and don't really care much about it so just ignore it. If you must insist, then I should be called mini pre-nursing student. If you can't contribute anything helpful on the thread then please don't post, thanks ;)


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If you want to spend alot of money go for it. But nursing jobs aren't a sure thing like they used to be, and WCU doesn't have the name to go with the cost.


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Uh ok.

I wouldnt go there. I heard its not accredited and nothing transfers. If you got your BSN somewhere else I think it be best. If a hospital were hiring (which unless you haven't noticed no one is ) they perfer someones BSN from say cal state la over west coast. Not that its not a good school, I personally would steer clear.


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I personally wouldnt spend the money. It starts at 126k and doesnt even include books. If you are in a hurry I would try applying for Everest Ontario's RN(ADN) program. There is no waiting list. But its harder to get accepted. They only have 40 open slots and appx 1200 applicants each semester, so competition is fierce. From there u can go RN to BSN at either UOP or a CSU if they take ur classes (some do).

Or just stick with the CC route. I wouldnt recommend anyone to start out their career in such mounds of debt. Good luck in whatever choice you do make tho!!

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I have been living in Texas for the past five years, but am originally from California.

I currently work with an RN who earned her degree from West Coast University in 2009. She moved to Texas last year because she could not find an RN position in southern California, even with a couple of years of LVN experience. Be aware that the southern CA job market is flooded with too many nurses right now as a result of the crappy economy.

She earned her LVN license after having attended American Career College ($25,000). Her tuition at West Coast University was $63,000, even though she transferred in plenty of prerequisite courses and an LVN license. She is now nearly $90,000 in debt and cannot reap the benefits of the higher southern California nursing pay rates because she could not land a job locally.

Spending all that money with no guarantee of a job is frightening. I wouldn't do it.


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hello can you please help me out i am a college student doing my pre-reqs and i would love to know what classes i need to take in order to transfer to west coast?! please help me thanx