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Well Baby Nursery: Nurse-to-Patient Ratio


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How many babies do you get? At my hospital, we can get up to 8. And it doesn't help when the lactation consultant isn't there as much as we need them. And all the car seat challenges, circumcisions, vaccines, discharges, admissions, etc. My dream job is not a dream job anymore thanks to the workload. Having up to 4 patients would be so much more manageable. I wish hospitals weren't so driven by monetary profit. It's sickening.


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I am not a nurse, but one of my friends is and she has 3 moms and their babies (so usually 3 babies, but sometimes there are multiples).


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You guys do a lot. Being a NICU nurse I can see the maternity nurses running here and there whenever a doctor's order is placed. We have our babies for the whole day and usually it is standard practice. Good luck!