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Why do you visit allnurses.com?

allnurses is the leading social-networking site for nurses and nursing students. People from all over the World come to allnurses to communicate and discuss nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and so much more.


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Why do you visit allnurses.com?

allnurses is about you. The nurse that craves knowledge. The nurse that wants to expand their career. The nursing student who wants to pass the NCLEX. The retired nurse with vast experience who desires to interact and share with others.

allnurses is about helping you become a better nurse.

We do not offer medical advice. We do not provide legal advice. What we offer is a place for nurses to be themselves and to learn from others. We offer students a place where they can better understand nursing, gain study habits, gain knowledge that they would not have learned in school.

What YOU get out of allnurses is up to you.

Here's what a long-time member said about Does allnurses.com make you a better nurse?

MassED said:
...being a 'better' nurse ... takes into account your personal opinions, biases, your own story, others' stories, all of which can help you at the bedside. Greater understanding, I say, is how this site can help each person. Each little piece of you that is more enlightened can add to the whole nurse as 'better' or more culturally aware, or better able to understand another aspect of nursing that we're not in.... many ways to better oneself through nursing... and it's not all just clinical...

allnurses is multi-cultural. We have members from all around the World. Nurses and nursing students want the same thing you do. Don't you want to be the best nurse you can be?

Here's what some of our members had to say about allnurses.com:

nursemarion said:
Wow, to have this many nurses at your fingertips as a resource, definitely yes! The years of experience, the sources, the tips. I feel empowered and blessed to have this. Nursing can be a stressful, lonely place. Especially in fields that I now work in such as school health and home health. To know that I can get on here and ask a question from a collective knowledge base like this is a true gift.
sasha2lady said:
I've learned so much on here in many aspects ranging from dealing with difficult mgmt coworkers and getting wounds healed. I can talk on here about multiple issues that bug me or that I don't understand and get valuable input from others. Some of the advice and stories I've read on here have given me encouragement and motivation to do a better job . Priceless
TheCommuter said:
The site has helped me by bestowing new information upon me that I would not have known otherwise. In other words, it has enhanced my fund of knowledge.
crownurse said:
I don't feel so alone. I have seen and done a lot of stupid things, now I know it's part of the learning experience.
pagandeva2000 said:
I get to see what has happened to others and I am more empowered to either not make the same mistakes or to better critically think. Many times, I have said to myself "I just read about a similar situation on allnurses...let me try to do it this way..." and most times, it worked.
talaxandra said:
AN may not have made me a better theoretical nurse, but I think participating here has made me a better communicator, clinician, resource and mentor, which are all essential elements of my nursing practice

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