Weird question for clinicals.


I start clinicals on Monday and today we were warned that the facility we'll be at is very warm. I wondered if anyone had tips to keep comfortable in scrubs in the heat? I know they sell those thermo pack things to keep hands warm in winter, I need an ice pack that last all day or something like that. :) I know I should be worrying about bigger stuff, but I don't want to get all sweaty and look gross while caring for patients.

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I don't know about an ice pack - all I can really think of is bringing ice cold drinks to clinical to keep yourself cool. If personal hygiene is a concern, you could bring a travel sized antiperspirant.

I don't know about an ice pack - all I can really think of is bringing ice cold drinks to clinical to keep yourself cool.

Actually, Bear Grylls taught me that drinking warm beverages cools you down. But he also drinks his own urine, so I really don't know.

Wear your hair up with a headband, and go light/no makeup. I always wear a sports bra under my scrubs--there's just something grody about sweating in a regular bra.

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There is a brand of scrubs called Wonder Winks, one line, and it seems to be a crapshoot, is soooo lightweight, it's like wearing nothing. We had to wear a specific top, but any white pants were acceptable, and these were mine!

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I get so hot when I'm at work, I sometimes can't stand it. So I have a few tips for you. Yes, there are special scrubs made to keep you cool and I encourage you to either get to a scrub store to try a bunch on, or read online reviews before purchasing.

Also, I bought a wearable fan on amazon. You wear it around your neck (it has a break away adjustable lanyard) and it sucks air from in front of you and a little spinning fan blows it up at your neck and face. I can't go to work without this. It makes such a big difference. BUT you gotta be careful in situations where you may not want what's in front of you blowing at your face. I take off in isolation rooms and I turn it off if I'm doing somethig with bodily substances or something that could be gross or contaminating.

If you can't get or use one of those, there are little foldable fans that look like frisbees. you can carry them in your pocket and take them out and pop them open to fan yourself cool again.

Get some kind of body powder for sweaty areas, like Gold Bond or something similar. In a pinch I once sprayed myself down with dry shampoo, though I can't really recommend that for your skin. I use these things before my shift, rather than after I start to sweat. By then it's too late.

When you go to the bathroom - if you get a bathroom break, lift your shirt up and fan off a little bit. Splash a bit of cold water on your face or back of your neck.

I keep face washing wipes in my bag to keep myself from looking shiny. I keep a couple feminine wipes in my pocket for times I made need them.

Buy sweat-wicking undies and sports bras.

When you take refrigerated meds out, linger with the door open for an extra 5 seconds. ;)

Stay hydrated.

I hope these things help.

Happy Nursing, Adrianne