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weekend nurse- week pay


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at my hospital, the weekend differential is $0.50 cents per hour.

During my interview I was told they have enough weekend staff.

Now- I am scheduled to work almost every weekend- without any compensation.

I brought it up to the manager- and she said "yeah,in other hospitals you get paid extra because you work harder------ and also you should put that in the suggestion box"

I don't understand! To me, I think that I work very hard- Sometimes I've had 6 patients- a lot of the time I have 5 patients-

Yes they are kids, but they still require a lot of work!!

So now, I still do not have a year experience- almost 6 more months to go- and I will definitely look into other jobs that compensate for weekends-

Also, my schedule is very confusing- the scheduling person set me up for 3 nights- 23 - 25- 28 of this month!!!!!!! that is completely ridiculous for a person who works nights! I picked my schedule and did not pick 3 jumping nights---- and we have a mandatory meeting on the 24 during the night hours- so that's not right. I wrote them an e-mail and hopefully that will get fixed.

I wanted to get as many certificates & education as possible from that place.

should I get: CPN? PALS? is there a surgical nurse certification of some sort?? I definitely want to get my BSN from the tuition reimbursement...

I just might change units if a weekend position opens up.

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At least you get weekend diff. I'm a NICU nurse and there is NO weekend diff. Night diff is only $ 4.00/hr and base RN pay is $ 19.00/hr.

Tell me about it lol.

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At our hospital night diff is only 1.00 and weekend is 3.00 or 4.00 I dont know cause I do Baylor aka Weekend Premium so I get no weekend diff per say, I do though get time and a half for every hour I work . I work Sat/Sun night so I do get the extra buck on top of the time and a half.

Wow that stinks! At my facility we get 11% of base pay for nights and 15% of base pay added for weekends. So a on a weekend night shift you get 26% of your base pay.

Wow, no shift differential where I work for night shift. What does that tell you about the nursing shortage where I am? There is none! If we don't like what they are offerring, there is always somebody else to take your place.

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