week 1 over!!!!

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Week 1 is offically OVER(thursday made 1 week)!!!!!! Had our 1st exam on monday & i made an 86:w00t::yeah: not the "A" i was looking for but that was on me because 4 of the answers i changed from the right answer to the wrong answer:banghead: while telling myself DO NOT CHANGE THAT ANSWER!!!!! Lesson learned! Exam 2 is this coming monday & I WONT BE CHANGING ANY ANSWER unless i have NO CLUE! this week alone we have covered 9 chapters(yesterday we covered 4) next monday's test is over 7 chapters & i have been studying my lilttle booty off EVERYDAY!!!!!!! Test are based strictly out the book so i read my chapters(out loud) at least twice, use my study guide i purchased, powerpoints, nclex book & website for our book. its a good thing i like to read:specs: because if not i'd be in trouble. It's not about memorizing its about knowing how to apply what you have read to the question that is being presented. all in all its good & im happy. Now back to studying YES EVEN ON A FRIDAY NITE I AM STUDYING:uhoh3: thats just the sacrifice i have made to be the best PRACTICAL NURSING STUDENT:nurse: that i can be!!! until next time:cool:

Thanks for sharing with us! I start on the 4th so I am interested in what everyone is doing in their programs so far!

Congrats on completing your first week:yelclap:. I start on Tuesday, and can't believe it's finally here!! I just realized that it was this time last year that i was starting to study for the TEAS. It was ALL worth it though.:lol2:

Congrats to you I luv scrubs & michelle24! Just take it one day at a time not 3 or 4 days lol! Just keep telling yourself"this is my dream, my passion, come what may I WILL MAKE IT, I WILL BE A NURSE" but make sure you put in the hardwork, sweat & tears! I wish i would have had that mind set when i graduted high school almost 11 years ago & in 2009 when i got into a RN program: bcause id be a nurse right now( but thats neither here nor there! Im in the present & much older & ready now! WE CAN DO IT! YES WE CAN!

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It's not about memorizing its about knowing how to apply what you have read to the question that is being presented.
Great advice! Congrats on your first week!! I start the 18th and for me, I'm anxious about not knowing what to expect. Good Luck!

We started last Monday and have already had 4 exams, and will have our 5th exam tomorrow. We are good crazy fast! Good luck to you all! :)


My first week is over too! Whew! I'm beat! LOL!

Ditto! I'm into our second week and things are starting to jel a bit. I love that we have all the same people in every class, and the classes are lumped together so I can be home with my kids when they get home. So far, it hasn't been overwhelming as far as book work- but I can see its starting! Lots of projects, quizzes, papers etc in the near future. 2.5 years will be gone before I know it!

Week 1 went without a hitch here. We had a take home quiz and a pop quiz. We still didnt get them back yet but we get them tomorrow. This week has been uneventful so far. CPR certification and a wicked math class. Tomorrow is a test on range of motion and a math test on Friday. Next week is the start of Anatomy and I'm a little nervous. But like everyone has said, "one day at a time!" Except for a very annoying class clown, it's great!

I started last week and had 2 quizes on the first day of classs! This is week 2 and I have had 5 test and several quizes!! I have never studied this much in my entire life!! I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!! I have 2 tell my self this every day when I wake up @ 5 in the morning and not go to bed until 11 or 12 @ night

I just finished my 1st week. Our test was postpone b/c some students didn't get some packets in the mail! :) from the looks of it I will not be having a social life, but I think this will be worth the sacrifice!Good luck everyone! WIsh you the best

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