1 week until HESI and just now studying... HELP!!!!

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Okay, so, I have a little over a week before I have to take the HESI A2. Long story short, I was getting ready to start a BSN program but some of my funding fell through and I am going to apply for the local ADN program for next semester. I just found out a couple of days ago that the last chance for me to take the HESI is in just over a week from now :/

I just purchased the Evolve study book. The test is being given through that company, so I figured it would be good to use their book. I graduated HS over six years ago and the only science I have had since is A&P I. The only math I have taken is college algebra, and not recently.

Do any of you guys have any tips? I would appreciate ANY words of advise at this point!!

My school doesn't require the HESI so I know little about it. But good test taking strategies include getting enough sleep - it will be tempting to short you sleep to cram but having a functioning brain is worth more than the extra cramming time will give you.

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The a2 is not bad. The math is insanely easy and I'm horrible at math. It's mostly ratios and proportions because that's how you learn drug calc. I think the most challenging parts were vocab & a&p...but I only used the Hesi book to study & passed all sections with a 90% overall. I had only had a&p 1 ad two weeks of a&p 2 when I took it, so no worries there! I promise it's not bad!

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I didn't think it was that bad, either. I didn't even study and I made a 95%. Luckily (and it really was luck, it could have easily gone the other way) I happened to pull how to do ratios out of my backside after not doing anything mathy in years...study that. Without knowing it, I would've failed that section. A&P was weirdly specific...I didn't do well on that section (an 80%), but I really don't think I could've studied to that level. I was told by several people that the study guide was worthless for Vocab. There were a couple words I didn't know on that section, and I know a LOT of words, so I'm thinking it was pretty tough.

With only a week, I'd say study proportions and look over A&P and look over some test taking tips - half the battle is being a good test taker.

Thank you guys so much! Luckily, I've always been a good test taker. As soon as my book comes in the mail (I got overnight shipping :/) I'll concentrate on math and refresh A&P and vocab. I took A&P I last semester and, somehow, I've retained the majority of it.

The ADN program is a lot more competitive than the program I was in. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!!

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