Weber State University VS DATC Anyone who attended nursing at any of these schools?

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Hi, everyone.

I have been accepted from both of Weber State University's nursing and DATC's nursing program.

I am very torn between these schools. I originally was going to attend DATC, but the fact that I wouldn't get a summer break in 2018 scares me a little bit. I heard how grueling nursing program is and I'm not sure if I would do well to go to school for 2 years without a break.

However, everyone tells me how great DATC's nursing program is.

Is there anyone who attended any of these nursing schools recently? How do you feel about the program you attended?


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I want to know too. I applied for Spring 2018, but didn't get accepted.

Specializes in Maternal and Infant Care.

I just posted about what got me into DATC for the Spring 2018 class. I am one of those students who prefers to go to school continuously. When I take a break I get out of my groove and have to vamp myself up again. I'm also excited about getting my degree faster and for less cost.

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