Has anyone taken an online chemistry course at Weber State University?

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I was looking into taking an introductory chemistry course with lab that is completely online. I found one at Weber State University that looks really good (CHEM 1110). Can anyone comment on their experience with this course? Or does anyone highly recommend any other online course that would fulfill the chem prereq at most nursing schools? Any info/recommendations are appreciated! Thanks!


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I have a classmate who take it through Weber rather than taking it through our school. This was two years ago but if you have any specific questions, you can PM me. I will get in touch with her to answer them and get back to you.

the dallas community school district has it strictly online except for the test that have to be proctored. you have to order a lab kit. There is also another one that has online thru brazosport college that doesn't need a kit. You use household items

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