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Thank God we made it!!

I'll see you on campus!

Does anyone know how long it takes to get a letter from WC regarding if you did or didnt get into the LVN program? How many points does it take to get into the program?


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A good 4-5 weeks AFTER the application period ends, not when you turn your application. It took 12+ points to get in this time, 11 for alternates. There are 37 in my class. 1 guy got called the first day of classes. I started in August, this is my 6th week...

Thank you ShanBenn!!! My points were not that high but hopefully I was competive and can get a spot :) I might try call KL and seeing if you knows what the points were for this round. Its killing me not knowing if I made it or not. How are you liking it so far?


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Can someone who's done the Weatherford lvn program give me the pros/cons of program . Also how much math is covered in program? I would love to know what textbooks I need before I apply to review material . Thanks