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Weatherford College LVN Spring 2016

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Yea Ive been checking my email too!!! I am so mad at my mailman right now lol I checked it 3 times today!!! I have heard that if you get just a plain letter then u didnt get in but if you get a big packet thats a good sign! Hopefulyl Ill get something tomorrow!

I instantly started trying to guess how many days it takes to get mail from Weatherford. Lol

Girl I even asked my mailman. told him when it was sent and from where asked how long it usually takes lmao!

Thanks for the update ladies! I've had my husband checking everyday for the last week now for sure he can't miss going a day! í ½í¸

lol I started checking mine everyday since I applied!!! Im also waiting on the BON as well though. I got my "blue card" in the mail saying my file is clear...however since I self disclosed the info they still have to investigate :( So hopefully I find out soon!! Im hoping we get our acceptance letters today!!! Im stalking my mailman...ive already checked TWICE!!!

I got my acceptance letter!! Good luck ladies I can't wait to hear when you get yours!

I got listed as an alternate with either 9 or 10 points I think. I had decided to decline either way as I will wait till August when I don't have to pay for two childcare bills. Good luck to everyone!!!

I got my acceptance letter as well! I can't stop crying lol! I was accepted with 14pts!


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