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We CNA's DO make a difference!


I saved someone's life last night. I didn't give the glucagon shot that did but if I hadn't gone into that room right when I did, I'd have been finding a body in a very short time. I knew what she needed and that was my nurse ASAP to give it but for all those that say we are only aides, they couldn't be more wrong. If not for us, many of our residents would not be here. Things happen that we know first and when we get it right, it's a great feeling. I don't mean to sound braggy, it was a cool thing after a really rough week.

One of my favorite residents is the most brittle diabetic I have ever seen. She teaches me something new about CBG's every week, I think. She can be 300 at 2200 and 50 at 0400 very easily. And she can talk and be perfectly ok appearing at 40. I went into her room last night on my first round and couldn't rouse her. She had blank eyes, deep growling breath sounds, totally diaphoretic and totally unresponsive. I knew she was in bad trouble. I got my nurse and 20 minutes later, M was back with us saying 'oh man was that a trip!' :smokin: She's an old hippy, I'm sure she knows a bad trip!

I had never seen a diabetic coma before, it's one I won't forget anytime soon. But for all the wiping butts and crappy stuff we get, once in awhile we get one right. And know we did good. I know you guys get it and while it's good to gripe, its even better to have a great story to share once in awhile!

Congrats to you. I found one of my residents having a diabetic seizure about a month ago and was able to get that person help fast by finding a nurse. The nurse said that he was so happy with me that I did not leave him. He said that a lot of aides would have been scared and left him alone. I cannot believe how fragile our residents are.

Thank you for pointing out that we do more the wipe butts, because it sure seems that way sometimes lol.

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You are the type of Aide all of us nurses want! You should be VERY proud of yourself!!! There are alot of cna's in this world- but you good ones truly do stand out. Sometimes nurses dont say it or have time to say it, but THANK YOU!! And I am pretty sure I speak for many when I say that we do depend on you, and we do know who we CAN depend on! You are priceless!!! Good Job!!

I KNOW how much you do. As I said in another thread this week, almost every time we send a resident to the hospital it's because a sharp aide said, "Well, THAT ain't right!" and got one of the nurses.

Thanks for all you do.

And as you are wiping poop and helping someone with ADLs, never forget that you are performing nursing duties, but those ones for which a license isn't needed.

You're important. Don't ever think otherwise.