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I got mine too!!! See you guys at the orientation meeting :D


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How long does it take to finish your pre-req's and co-req's?? GOING TO WCCCD THIS FALL !!!!!

If you are just starting it will take at least 3 semesters. You need BIO 155 before you can take BIO 240 and BIO 240 before you can take BIO 250. Make sure and get A's in all 5 pre-req's so you can get in the first time you apply. Good luck.

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Congrats all!

Always remember - reading is fundamental!

As for me, my final final is tomorrow!


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I'm finishing up my last 2 co-reqs this summer so altogether it will have taken me 5 semesters. This includes BIO 155, PS 101, DT 130, BIO 240, BIO 250, BIO 295, BIO 252, PSY 200, and HSC 100. (I already had most core requirements because I previously earned my Bachelor's degree in 2005.)

Besides getting all As in your pre-reqs I would also advise getting all your co-reqs done before you start the nursing program. And do research on the professors. Ratemyprofessor.com is my go-to for this.

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