Hi there - I'm an RN with an Associate's in Nsg but Bachelor's in business. I'm considering becoming wound care certified. Not too interested in the ostomy and continence options. I'm wondering about these different credentialing organizations - is one more respected than another? I can go through NAWCO and take an onsite course for 4 days and sit for the WCC exam, or I can go through WOCN and take an Emory course for weeks - I haven't even started looking into the CWS yet. It's a lot of work just trying to figure out where to go! Any tips?



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WOCN is open only to BSN-level RNs, so that option would not be available for you.


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I'm not sure that's true - I've contacted several WOCN schools and they all say it's ok.


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Yes that is true. I should have been more specific in my post. You do not need a BSN though you do need a degree of some type.


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I would go for the WOCN. My employer will only pay the credentialing differential for WOCN, not CWS. Yes, it is more work. It also seems to still be more broadly recognized.

Check out the webWOC program if it is still around. It is an excellent program.

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Where would you seek employment upon receiving credential? Most hospitals +l arger home health agencies desire WOCN credential. LTAC, SNF, home health, wound care centers will accept WCC.

See my post

Wound Care Certification and Education Programs listing various accreditation's + courses.

We need more wound care nurses so hope you can find a program to meet your needs.