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  1. by   YoungIdealist
    I love this quote by Ladybug: "There does not seem, to me, to be a correllation between top notch school and excellent nurse. Some of my favorite nurses at work do not have their BSN and did not go to an elite school."

    This has ABSOLUTELY been my experience too! I work with several nurses and most of them studied in CC and they are amazing. My inspiration, really. I'm thankful that I got to work with them. No one even questions their degrees anymore!

    As for the essay, I did write my essay cohesively. I labeled the parts because I felt that was a good idea in both the statement and the proctored essay, I wanted to be as clear as possible in my answers and leave no room for ambiguity. But they do look like "standard essays".

    Peacebe, my experience isn't very varied or exciting (in my opinion!) I worked for 2 years as a community health worker in a state-funded program for pregnant women and children in a community health clinic. It gave me a chance to work directly with a nurse but also with a social worker, dietitian, doctors, nurse practitioners, lab techs, health educators, and more. I also had a year worth of experience being a clinical research assistant in Fred Hutch, also working under the guidance of a nurse (a clinical research nurse) who is the reason I decided to go into this career.

    Volunteer/leadership, I taught some sex ed classes to students through my work, and during my time in UW I was a peer health educator. As a PHE I gave education to freshmen students about sex, drugs and alcohol, stress, etc etc. I did that for about two years.
    My volunteer experience beyond that was limited to participating in health fairs, nothing too significant in my opinion.

    Like Ladybug I listed my CNA clinical hours along with the license, did HIV education/CPR/AED, etc. I also had a lot of trainings about maternity/breastfeeding/infants because of my job. I listed those, as well.

    Finally, this year I had all of my prereqs completed unlike last year. Someone in one of these threads said that they look at the microbiology grade. I don't know if that's true, but this year I included it (I got a 3.8) and maybe that boosted my chances, although it didn't affect my science GPA (~3.6). My overall undergrad GPA wasn't that good, I don't think. I took classes in 2 other schools after I left UW and never calculated it.
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  2. by   hudabelle
    Jennqle... I know how you're feeling. This is my 4th formal rejection in 3 years (the 1st 2 I was not done with prereqs but I figured I'd try anyway). This year I have applied to 3 ADN programs (so far) and UW. I applied to UW by request of my adviser, she said leave no stone unturned. I will be applying to 3 more ADN programs in the coming months. I am applying to everything within an hour of my house (luckily I am centrally located). I will be in an RN program next fall without a doubt. I was so happy to be called back to do the proctored essay this year since 3 of my friends didn't even get that far. Either way I will be reapplying to UW SoN next year as well. Even if a no go next yeast I will do the RN-BSN via UW Bothell, I need a reason to have this Husky gear )
  3. by   AMD14
    Keep your head up if you did not get in and if you are looking at other schools that is a Great option too, I went to Lake Washington for the ADN program, I worked for 1 year went to the RN to BSN program at UW Bothell part time and I now have been a nurse for 4 years and Just got into the UW DNP ANP Program!
  4. by   hudabelle
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just sent my application to lake WA last week. Maybe I'll follow in your footsteps )
  5. by   intelligentqueen1
    I have been accepted into both the ABSN and BSN program, which I will be enrolling into the BSN program. Last year, I was wait listed for this BSN program. What I did differently for this year was attend the information session, and I can't stress how much that helped me with the application process. Carolyn Chow practically spells out everything they are looking for in qualified applicants. By attending the information session, I approached the application process much more confidently because I knew exactly what was expected.

    For those who were not accepted, I can't stress how important it is not to be discouraged and to try again next year. You never know, something may happen within the next year that will help you in your journey. For instance, I started working as a Hospital Assistant at Harborview a couple of months ago and I love it. I am making good connections and I can use the tuition exemption program offered for UW employees to help with the costs of some of the courses.

    I look forward to meeting my fellow classmates and I can't wait to embark upon this next path toward become an RN with you all.
  6. by   ericseitz
    Im pretty stoked to start the madness, just not looking forward to all the forms and whatnot. Im nor going to be back from my rural health internship until August, so I hope I won't have to miss anything during the summertime.
  7. by   SweetDisposition
    Hey everybody, I got wait listed for UW SoN. Does anyone know how many people they typically let in off the wait list each year? Or how many people are on the wait list?
  8. by   aprilp91
    Ive applied to SoN internationally. Do you guys know around when the international students would get their results? I've never knew waiting would be this hard. X(
  9. by   Active-thinker
    For any of the current students...

    Since we will be taking several classes each quarter, are there different books for each class? Also, what was the approx. cost of books for fall?

  10. by   aprilp91
    Did almost everyone got their letters? I haven't gotten mine... =( Should I call the nursing school? or just miserably wait till the April 15th.
  11. by   a2012
    This is a random question but does anyone know if nursing schools count grades for technical programs like phlebotomy?
  12. by   hudabelle
    They don't count the grades, they generally don't transfer anyway, but they like to know that you have the certificate/license/experience.
  13. by   hudabelle
    I know no one is reading this thread anymore... But I got into one of the cc ADN programs around here. So I'll get my BSN at UW soon enough