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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   JLoya
    UW.... Here I Come!!!!!!!!

    Sorry youngidealist I know that is rough....

    Good Luck to everyone!!!!
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  2. by   armynurse68
    I got in!!!!!!!!!! I'm again very humbled. Congrats Jloya, looks like we're classmates!
  3. by   JLoya
    Im surprised we are the only three to post... everyone else must be off at the WSU interviews and away from their mail....

    I totally wasn't expecting it today. I didnt even race to the mail today like I did yesterday. I though it was going to be too early still. This has been such a humbling and scary experience. I only applied to two schools and got rejected by SU for the right reasons....

    I plan to take the NCLIN 302 class over the Summer. I spoke to a friend of mine who is in her first year of the BSN program and she yelled "DO IT". It will take your first quarter from 17 credits of 12... Done and Done. I have to notify the UW general application though to expedite my application now....

    Congrats to those who get accepted and I cant wait to start... I feel horrible for those who didnt make it...
  4. by   abalone
    haha, i'm actually not at home so after i saw your posts i had to have my roommate check the mail immediately! i got in!!! sooo excited to be joining you guys next year! that also means a seat in the uw absn program will be available ^_^ i'm really happy for you[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] jloya, after what i've learned about your stats, i was shocked you didn't get into su. your acceptance to uw, on the other hand, does not surprise me at all! congratulations!!! you too armynurse68, i look forward to meeting you both this fall!
  5. by   ED2012
    Hey guys I got in as well, does anyone know how soon will UW notify the transfer students about their acceptance into the university? It says on their page that they notify us by June-July, however, on my nursing acceptance letter it said it would be in a couple of weeks. Now, I am completely confused! x.x
  6. by   fn2012
    I'm in too got my letter this afternoon, time to make some decisions. I got into SU too and really like the small school feel. Yet, my pocket book likes UW.
  7. by   kasko
    I'm in!!!!!! I saw all these posts just now about people getting their letters and I literally sprinted to the mailbox not knowing what to expect. I got into SU and did my interview for WSU yesterday (which went very well) but I am definitely choosing UW over all the other schools. ED2012, FN2012, abalone, JLoya, army nurse, and everyone else who is stilll in the process of getting their letters, CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to seeing you in the Fall!
  8. by   Pleasant P
    So I was coming on here to wish everyone luck this week and come to find out the letters are OUT! LOLOLOL... I was like huh? Totally unexpected, I ran to the mailbox like a mad woman and found out I'm in!!!! YAY!!! Can't believe so many of us on this forum got in, Congrats!!! I did my WSU interview on Saturday and I fell in love with the school and the staff. I am so torn. I am going to call WSU and see if they will know if I am in before the deadline for UW. WSU is so much cheaper than UW and I like the "small town" feel. So torn... I see you guys are not even considering other schools now LOL... Sorry for those who did not get in, my heart goes out to you! I think you should go back through these forums and compare the grades and experiences of the people who got in and compare it to your situation. UW showed a pattern of selecting people with hospital or clinic experiences, CNA or EMT, and reasonable grades. Go back through and gain those experiences and there's no question you will get in. Good Luck and take care everyone!!!
  9. by   kasko
    Pleasant P.... how much cheeper is WSU? I thought it was actually more expensive than UW... Congratulations on getting in!
  10. by   Pleasant P
    Ohh to answer your question Kasko, I had a 2:00 PM interview so I did not see you and totally agreed with you about people not dressing up, was shocked! Ohh, it may or may not be the same for you in terms of expenses! I am still considered non-resident. UW makes it more difficult to gain state residency by having the 30 hours per week work requirement if you are taking 6 or more credits which has been difficult since I had to go to school full time to complete my pre reqs. I am not going to pay out of state fees when I can go to another school and be granted residency... Not sure why UW does that, especially in a recession! It is what it is... Therefore I have more of a reason to select another school than you guys possibly! It's a great school, they all are! I'll reapply to them for my graduate program! We will see what happens! I am excited for you though, you will have a blast! UW in state tuition is about $1100 or so more than WSU. Remember that you have to multiply UW price by 3 since it's a quarter system and WSU by 2 since it's a semester system! That's probably why you thought WSU was more!
  11. by   jhsUW
    Hi everybody,
    First off, CONGRATS to everyone who got in and DON'T worry, for all those who didn't. Don't give up and try again next year. I'm new to this blog and received my acceptance letter on 3/31 and look forward to meeting you all in the fall. :-)

    Let's talk about money....

    Anyone know where to hunt for funds? My work offers some assistance but I would like to see what else is out there. If I find any good scholarships or grants I'll be sure to post there on here.

    Good job to all!
  12. by   JLoya
    I just got back from hand-delivering my Letter of Intent to the office.... that felt good....

    I see a pre-summer BBQ/Meeting in the future....
  13. by   SushiOConnor
    WOW! Great posts! I'm so excited to run to the mail today! As far as the UW vs WSU choice... I actually did undergrad at University of Idaho so WSU was only a short 7 miles away (the next closest town with more than a post office not run by the mayor!) and I must say the Palouse was an excellent place to go to school. I didn't apply to WSU because it is far away from my Vancouver/Portland base. Well, I'll post ASAP after I hear anything! Hopefully, I'll be lucky with my work experience as the others with CNA, EMT experience.

    As far as money, I'm looking into AnyAll possiblities. Hopefully, I won't have to take AnyMany loans, and I will be applying for as many scholarships / grants as possible too, unlike my undergrad years which I may not have kept with my lower GPA back then. Anyways... I'll keep all my digits crossed!