Skagit Valley College RN program!!

  1. does anyone know anything about skagit valley college rn program? i have been accepted and will start in september, but haven't been able to speak to anyone directly about the program itself. any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   ncan
    I know that they are revamping the program so that it will not be acceptance from a waitlist. Seems that should help with the graduation rate, I am hoping to get in for 2nd year or look to Bellingham Technical college to get my LPN-RN. CONGRATS and good luck!
  4. by   cmcmillan0322
    Hey ncan I know this post was from a while ago but wanted to know if you heard any thing about the lpn to RN at Skagit ??? From the Seattle area and don't know much about it
  5. by   ncan
    No prob, what I do know is limited. They are weaning the waitlist, so they are not adding anyone else to it, but take a handful of people from it each quarter. It will eventually be just a competitive program. So far the students that I have spoken to that have been accepted have had above a 3.8 GPA in the required pre-reqs. They seem to feel it is a decent program, but there was some news articles recently that said they had to let go of 5 nursing instructors at the Mount Vernon Campus.(Budget cuts) I am not sure yet how that is going to work with the program. ?
    The Whidbey Island Campus (Of SVC) has a LPN to RN bridge program that is part time (1 evening class a week ~5 quarters?) I really liked the instructors out there.
    They also have an LPN program. So I guess it depends on what you are looking for.
    Hopefully that helps
  6. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    i got accepted too for fall 2011. also, i got accepted to wcc so it looks like i will choose wcc over skagit. i'm from bham and i don't want to waste any time for commuting. that 40 min i can spend in the gym trying to relax before studying time

    nurses i work with tell me that this is a very good program and students are well prepared for future job. good luck!
  7. by   ncan
    I am anxiously waiting to hear from Whidbey about a FT RN program for this year... Rumor has it that is in the works, and still waitlisted at Mount Vernon. Its so frustrating to be waitlisted. I just want to finish my RN. Argh. Congrats though!
  8. by   hmjones
    I just graduated from Skagit Valley College's RN program in August. The NCLEX pass rate is just about 100%, that said....the program is difficult, but they teach you what you need to know to pass and to be a good nurse. It can seem overwhelming at times but in the end it is absolutely worth it. The instructors were overall fabulous.....there were a few that didnt quite meet my expectations but even those were there for all of us no matter what we needed. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone I can.