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cmcmillan0322 has 2 years experience and specializes in oncology.

school work and family = )

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  1. South Puget Sound Community College

    hey hannahjean im applying for the winter start as well but for the second year LPN to RN portion best of luck
  2. Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington

    HEY LADYNESH I actually just finished my last final today before starting preceptorship as before its a good program you really have to buckle down and put this before anything which has been the hardest thing for a lot of people. Every program has f...
  3. Skagit Valley College RN program!!

    Hey ncan I know this post was from a while ago but wanted to know if you heard any thing about the lpn to RN at Skagit ??? From the Seattle area and don't know much about it
  4. Olympic College-TADN

    really that sucks so are they not letting people start for the January 2012 start date.This sucks Im going to talk the nursing advisor on June 15 when i take my accuplacer. Im going to apply still as well but hopefully i can get some for sure answer ...
  5. Olympic College-TADN

    hey tartar I heard if you actually have your LPN license before apply you have a better change of getting in I graduate from Bates this July so im hoping to take my NCLEX before august 31 so i can be in that pile as well. I just wonder how many point...
  6. Indiana State University BSN Thread for Current Students

    Thanks Ladyinscrubs i appreciate the info ill let you know how everything goes next friday
  7. Indiana State University BSN Thread for Current Students

    Also i saw you are take the program full time did they give you an expected date to graduate doing it full time after completeing the four challenge courses
  8. Indiana State University BSN Thread for Current Students

    sorry for the late response ladyinscrubs been busy studying for finals lol but i totally read over your post and i think this is the best way for me because after I graduate this july i need to work a little more. I know this will be tougher but i h...
  9. Indiana State University Online LVN to RN program

    ok it makes since now i do have all of my prereqs done for phase 1 but phase 2 is through TCN and i take those 4 classes then i will be admitted into phase 3. I plan on doing the program full time do you know how long it take to do phase 3.
  10. Indiana State University BSN Thread for Current Students

    I am really considering doing this program. I graduate in July from my LPN and i have all the course for phase 1 done and i really want to try to test out of phase 2. When are you thinking about applying???/
  11. Indiana State University Online LVN to RN program

    ive been reading a ton of post on here and i think i have all the info needed to applt for spring 2012. I wanted to know if i wanted to try to test out of the phase 2 classes and i dont pass will i then be able to take the courses?
  12. Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington

    Hey Im in the program now I graduate in July. Its a pretty good program actually like all nursing schools they have their flaws but they relay the info as best as possible. Long as you stay out of the drama and pay attention you will do fine. I dont ...
  13. Olympic College-TADN

    Hey Luptyloo I wanted to know if you got into a Bridge program and how competitive it was for you. Im starting an LPN program this fall and wanted to know what to look forward to this time next year?
  14. thanks again
  15. That makes me feel alot beter about starting im not gonna be work n much maybe every other weeekend if that. are you planning on bridigng to an RN program soon?

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