Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

  1. Hello!
    I hope I am posting this question in the correct thread/section. I'm a senior nursing student from Cleveland, about to graduate in Jan 2016. I am looking extremely hard to find a nurse residency in the Seattle area. I was confused about UW's nursing residency program. It seems that it's listed as a "job posting" rather than a typical application. For example, UCLA's RN Residency program is very clear. Applications are due Oct 5-11 and interview invites sent out in November and you will hear back if you are accepted in December.
    I'm just a bit confused about UW's program and how it works.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if Swedish's Residency program dates are only in July, August and November? Will I have to wait that long and go on without a job (once I pass my NCLEX) until July?

    Thank you for taking time to read this! Any information would be extremely helpful!
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  3. by   spaceshuttleboy
    I'm also applying to the residency at Swedish. They've told me that the new dates for February will be up in November.
  4. by   jsy16
    Who did you email because I just got an automated response back and nothing about the Swedish residency starting in February.
  5. by   tiffjack
    I am also graduating soon, December with my BSN, I also contacted Swedish about their residency program and only received an automated reply that said nothing about the 2016 cohorts.
  6. by   nguyvivi
    I applied for the November 2015 residency however I received a phone call from HR offering me an over-the-phone interview for the February 2016 residency. I am not sure when the official start dates are but my interview is Wednesday (10/28) and I hope to get more info then! I'll post back here once I find out
  7. by   jsy16
    I hope your interview went well!!!
  8. by   jsy16
    I just received an email from them!

    Thank you for your interest in Swedish’s RN Residency Program.
    The RN Residency cohorts for 2016 will begin on the following dates:

    February 1, 2016 (position will be posted on in early November 2015)
    August 1, 2016 (position will be posted in May 2016)
    October 24, 2016 (position will be posted in July 2016)

    If you create a profile on our career page ( ), you can set yourself up for automatic notifications so that you will receive an email when the RN Residency positions post.
  9. by   spaceshuttleboy
    I'm curious about whether anyone else has applied to Swedish's Feb 2016 cohort and recently heard any new information from the recruiters/nurse managers.
  10. by   alliesarang
    I applied for the February Residency start date. I just attended a Swedish Residency "networking meetup" a couple of days ago. The recruiter I spoke with their said that the second interview process is sort of on hold for most floors because it's too hard to get together a team for an interview with holiday vacations, etc. She told me that they will probably start setting up interview dates in early January.
  11. by   spaceshuttleboy
    I've been scheduled for a peer interview in the coming week.
  12. by   CCUbound
    Hello. I received an offer for neuro ICU at Swedish. I just wanted to reach out and ask what kind of reputation Swedish has with new grads? Any information is helpful. I hope you all applied and interview soon! They arnt done yet!
  13. by   spaceshuttleboy
    Congrats! I know that the Residency is reputable for supporting the new grads with classes and simulations and mentorship before the new nurses begin working on their own.

    Would you mind saying if you are for the February cohort and how soon after your interview you received your offer? I interviewed for an ICU on Tuesday - peer interview - and it went very well, in my opinion. They showed me around the unit and seemed very engaging. But they said they'd let me know mid-January!

    I'd be grateful for any insight anyone could give.
  14. by   spaceshuttleboy
    Quiet forum. I thought there'd be more people here applying for this residency.