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  1. I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own.
    We are about to embark on an amazing, stressful and exciting venture--June is just around the corner!
    We may as well start getting to know each other now.

    When I initially decided to apply to SU I found very little on allnurses, so I'm hoping this thread will also be a place where prospective APNI's can post and get some advice from us . . . eventually

    So, if anyone is interested in introducing themselves I'd love to hear from you.
    I look forward to meeting everyone at orientation in June

    Any advice from current students is greatly appreciated too!
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  3. by   just_cause
    Congrats - that program looks fantastic. I don't know any 1st any info about SU except that the campus is amazing and its such a great atmosphere..... I've heard 2nd hand info on how the program is 'fantastic'. Congrats~
  4. by   jeomoz
    Thanks just cause!
    I'm very excited to begin. From my experience so far SU admissions, nursing dept and faculty have been very impressive/attentive. You're right the campus is beautiful!
    Are you in Seattle?
  5. by   ksc2004
    Hello Jeomoz! We meet again :-)

    Thanks for starting this blog, hopefully our fellow APNI cohorts will join soon. Have you decided where about in Seattle you'll be moving to?
  6. by   avbc830
    I just wanted to say hi!

    I am also in the June APNI cohort. Thank you for starting this thread as I hadn't really been able to find anything else on allnurses about this program at SU. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!
  7. by   APNIStudent
    Such a good idea... Thanks!
    So, where is everyone from? I'm here in Seattle...if anyone has questions about that. I'm looking forward to getting started, and I'm curious to hear more from all of you...
  8. by   avbc830
    I'm also a Seattle resident. What track is everyone going into? I'm in the CNM track, which will hopefully be fully approved by the end of our first year. :spin:
  9. by   jeomoz
    Hey Ksc2004 and Welcome everyone else too
    This is so great!
    Just a quick note cuz I'm at work . . .
    I'm in the Psych NP w/ Addictions focus and moving to Seattle from the bay area. I've been looking for apts in Capital Hill only because I'm not at all familiar w/ Seattle. My first visit to Seattle was for my interview. I loved it!
    Anyone know any other neighborhoods worth searching for an apt?
  10. by   APNIStudent
    Cap Hill is good cuz its close to campus. On the less expensive but still walking/biking distance areas, I'd recommend also checking out Beacon Hill, International District, and Central District. Anything in Mt Baker, Leschi, Madrona, Madison Valley, Eastlake and Montlake neighborhoods is also bikable or busable to campus. Of course, First Hill/downtown are close too, but more expensive unless you're condo shopping... I've heard nice studios are going for around $900/mo, with one bedrooms a little more right now. I know someone who got a one bed for $600 recently but it was kinda nasty. Shared housing is always an option- see craigslist. The valley areas of Seattle (Madison Valley, Central Valley Leschi ridge (go figure), International district adn Beacon Hill are maybe a little sketchier than areas of Madrona or Capitol Hill. That said, anywhere is Seattle is mellower than most of the Bay Area, so unless you've been hiding in Marin, all of Seattle will feel like a quaint little village.
  11. by   twinkletoes12
    Also, if you don't mind a short commute Mercer Island is a great place to live and only 10 mins. away! You can hardly go wrong in Seattle, and if you have a car and plan to commute there are even more great options for you! Welcome!
  12. by   kgro
    Thanks for starting this thread! I am going into the LCN track, and I'm already here in Seattle.

    The post above mine with housing recommendations is great, and I have a couple of tips of my own. The rental market in Seattle has been very tight in the last few years (though I hear it's loosened up quite a bit recently) with places being taken within hours of craigslist ads or for rent signs being posted. The best days to find traditional apartment rentals are the 10th-12th of the month, since people have to give their vacate notice by the 10th. Living on Capitol Hill or in the Central District is very fun, but if you plan to commute by car anyway the outlying neighborhoods are also lovely. SU itself is in a great location, right at the crossroads of 4 distinct neighborhoods. Good luck!

    I'm excited to meet everyone, and very excited to start this program!
  13. by   Harte
    Hi. I'm in the FNP track starting this June. Thanks for starting the thread, it will be good to (sort of) get to know people before June. I lived in Seattle for 5 years and have been in Portland for the past 2.5. I can't wait to get back! I'm going to be looking for apts in Capital Hill, Central District, Madison, Madrona, Eastlake and probably Queen Anne. I know QA seems far, but when I looked at the bus website, you can get to SU without transferring, which is pretty nice.

    I'm so eager to start, I feel like I've been planning forever. But, I still need to make it through Statistics and Psych 101!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone,
  14. by   jeccagold
    Hi everyone! Thanks to jeomoz for starting this! My name is Jessica and I'm in the FNP track. Born and raised in Seattle (been here all my life), went to both elementary and high school on Cap Hill, and got my BA from UW.

    Like Anne, I've still got a couple pre-reqs to go through (Math 102 and Psych 101) before we start in June, but I'm really excited to meet you all (be it on the web or in real life)!

    Take care and let me know if you guys ever want to get together to have our own face-to-face meet and greet before orientation!