Seattle Children's Residency August 2018

  1. Hi all! Just wanted to see if anyone else has applied to Seattle Children's Nurse Residency or heard back about an interview! I applied to cancer care, medical, and surgical!
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  3. by   Ashleykae
    Hi there!!

    i applied to the Pediatric Emergency Dept, Hemoc/Oncology!

    I haven't heard anything back so far and haven't been able to check my status online
  4. by   natRN BSN
    I applied for the critical care track. I received an invitation to interview for June 5th/6th. I think they are sending invitations out now but I'm sure every unit is different in its own way.
  5. by   LifeIsBeachy
    natRN, how did you hear back? Did they call you? I applied for Critical Care track as well, have not heard anything. Just wondering if I should still keep my hopes up.
  6. by   natRN BSN
    I just got an email that told me the times of the interview and shadow day. I'm sorry! But don't lose hope! I'm sure they didn't schedule all the applicants into one day. You might still get something, it's still pretty early in the process! Hopefully you hear from them soon!!
  7. by   emily122
    I haven't heard anything back either...I know that it says on their website that if you do not get an email requesting an interview by two weeks before the interview date, you can assume you didn't get an interview and should apply for the next cohort. Two weeks before the interview day is this Wednesday...I'm so bummed! Has anyone who applied to the acute care track heard back?
  8. by   picu/nicudream
    Have any more people heard back for interviews by chance???
  9. by   maegsy
    Hi everyone! Hoping someone is still activ on this thread. I applied to the October 2018 cohort, and I have not heard anything back yet. This upcoming Wednesday will be two weeks before the interview date (8/8).

    Did any of you hear back for an interview fairly close to the deadline, or did you hear pretty far in advance? Did any of you hear back after the "two weeks before" deadline? Just trying to decide if I should keep a little hope up or not with only a couple days left! I felt fairly competitive so it's such a bummer. Thanks for the help!
  10. by   RNOC17
    I applied to oct 2018 cohort as well and still waiting to hear back. As of now, I havnt heard of anyone hearing back about interviews yet.
  11. by   kellyRN2018
    I applied to the Oct. 2018 cohort and haven't heard anything either
  12. by   lkiew
    I haven't heard anything either?? When do they usually send out invitations for interviews??
  13. by   RNOC17
    On their website, it says if you don't receive an email 2 weeks prior to the interview then you weren't selected for this round. I havnt heard of anyone getting contacted yet and tomorrow is 2 weeks before the aug 8th interview date.
  14. by   lkiew
    So you think they will send out the invitations tomorrow!! I'll let you know if they contact me by the end of the day tomorrow!!

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