Seattle central community college- no waiting list??

  1. hello,

    I am still finishing up my prerecs and deciding where to apply in Seattle. I read on the SCCC website that each fall they accept 30 people first come first served with a gpa over 2.5 in the required classes. Then they are placed on the program ready list. So i have some questions. I contacted the nursing advisor and she seemed really vague.

    Do people just camp out for like 3 days before the set date to ensure they are within 30 places? Once on the program ready list, is there waiting or do you start right away? It seems odd that they would accept someone with far lower grades just because they were in line first, but if this is the case I guess I would be prepared to camp out for a place.

    Thanks for any help or insight you can give me. I am also looking into the lpn program at north seattle, the adn at shoreline and possible programs at seattle university. I could use all the help I can get if anyone has more advice.


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  3. by   pegbord
    about a year and a half ago i checked into sccc too. hard to believe, but yes, you are right ---- it is based on first-come-first-serve. i was told that you need to make sure that you have absolutely all of your information in to them (no exceptions) then the line up starts at around 3a.m. and applications are taken until 10. (ten isn't a set time, but aprox) they take more applicants than their alloted 30 because sometimes people forget to include something in their packet ---- if that is the case, they are not considered and the go to the next person in line to offer the space. things may be different now - i dont know.

    also, shoreline cc is very difficult to enter without volunteer and leadership experience that you can document as well as high gpa. they use a point system ---- you can obtain the criteria for the various points awarded for both community and academic accomplishments directly from the school.

    nscc (again about a year and a half ago, so may be different now) has a set up which requires 6 months experience after obtaining lpn before they allow you to continue with the subsequent classes for registered nurse. i dont remember how long their lpn program was, but seems to me it was 5 quarters --- i could be wrong about that.

    bellevue community college is another option if you are wanting to stay in the seattle area ----- they also are highly competative and when i checked into their program, no one under 3.7 gpa was accepted.

    if you decide on sccc, let me know, i will bring you food while you are "camping out!!!!" Good luck!
  4. by   777RNThatsMe
    camping out?! You are kidding me... LOL.

    Man if I'd have known about that 3 years ago I'd have been camped out! BA HA HAHa....

    I did prereqs in spokane..and then after being turned down 5 times spokane..I ended up going to yakima. the time... Yakima was one of the schools that had a wait. It was not a camp out tho! YOu had certain dates in which you could send in an app - and then, it closed. Based on that quarters group.... you were then aligned based on gpa for that group...and when openings came up..they went on down the line. ...till you got in. The wait was about 6 months at the time...till your name was called. The rolling list kept up each quarter going behind the next if I understood correctly. They have since done away with that and there is no longer (or was, no longer, unless they chanaged it) a wait list. It was more like the other colleges in that the highest gpa got in..the rest did not..and good luck next time..kind of thing...from what I understood. I would not have gotten I am a B student...remained so all the way thru school and graduation...and now I am an RN. I like that it was set up that way b/c it gave EVERYONE a chance... and everyone knows that you do not have to be an A student to be a good nurse. Many A students dropped out of schools of nursing in the past b/c they couldn't cut the hands on clinical work, yes..people hear it time and again. But more and more... the schools are going to a competetive gpa..last I heard...spokane had 500plus apps each quarter for 50 openings. And you can bet most of them had A plus...I'm sure. Too bad, really. That it is that way. But anyway..... if this school has a wait better camp out a week in advance...b/c it's going to be one heck of a line this year what with all the schools no longer keeping any type of wait list. But good luck and be aggressive and get there, if you really want to go and don't have a strong academic profile..etc. It's very hard to get in, any more. Just not enough room and too many applicants.
    Best of luck!!!
  5. by   JoeyDog
    WOW! I cannot believe that Seattle Central just has people line up! Geesh that was a school I was planning on applying to. Ya I will totally be camping there a week before (J/K maybe the day before). That is so wierd to me, I have never heard of anything like that.

    I understand how hard it is to get into a program so I have found seven schools that I am planning on applying to. I have one more quarter until I can start applying and right now have a cumulative gpa of 3.8. If anyone has any info about these schools could you share it with all of us!

    Olympic College, Seattle Central CC, Shoreline CC, Yakima CC, Everett CC, Bellevue CC, and Spokane CC. THANKS!!!

    I read that Shoreline has started making applicants take a math competency test when they apply.
  6. by   ann945n
    I also looked into applying SCCC and that camping out thing is silly but true. Make sure you get all your paper work right way in advance and go camp out! I also know that Renton tech has a similar system for their LPN to RN program. Also go look at South seattle CC, i went there and only have postivie things to say about it. Its only an LPN program but they are starting an RN program in fall 2007. Good Luck!
  7. by   seattlerainsun
    Quick question on this whole camp-out thing... I'm also looking into applying there; one of their requirements - to get onto the Program Ready List. Students then are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis from the Program Ready List, after completion of all six prerequisite courses. The requirements for the list are pretty stringent, it seems. I'm just wondering if you have to be on the Program Ready List in order to go camp out on the day of application? Or if the Program Ready List is the same thing...? The Program Ready List has deadlines of January 16 through April 15, 2009. I have one prereq that won't be done until March... So i could get on the Program Ready List on time; just wondering when the floodgates open for the actual application process. Help, please? Thank you!!
  8. by   dallet6
    You were turned down 5 times in Spokane? What school was that at? Spokane Community College is a pure waitlist program. Get a 2.5 in all prereqs and get on the waiting list. 6 months top is the wait. I heard people that finished in the spring got in that fall.