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  1. Hey all,
    This is my first posting here. I am currently in a ADN program and am looking at starting my BSN at washington state universtiy online program (ICNE) program. They let you start before your ADN is done which i like. My question is is anyone going there what they think about it, difficulty level and if anyone else is doing duel enrolment and how that is going for them
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    Moved to Washington Forum for more responses. Good luck!
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    If you choose to do your degree elsewhere check out Kaplin's Online Degree program- I love it.
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    Quote from cathymm
    If you choose to do your degree elsewhere check out Kaplin's Online Degree program- I love it.
    Thanks for the input, my thread had been slow i will look into kaplan thanks!
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    I am currently attending WSU's ICN Program in Yakima, which is a distance site for learning. I am in the BSN program and would like to recommend you go to the actual school (in Spokane) for the best clinical experience. I'm not sure how online works, but if I had the opportunity to redo my application process, I would have gone to Spokane. My opinion...hope it helps!
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    WSU-Vancouver is also a distance learning site. I live in Portland, will be attending the Clark College ADN, and hope to start on my BSN at either WSU-Vancouver or OHSU in Portland during my second year at Clark. Both WSU and OHSU are online programs (RN to BSN) that allow 2nd year ADN students to apply for provisional admission to take theory classes. You have to graduate with RN to get fully admitted for clinicals.
    Thanks for your input but i was looking for people are already in the program to give me some input about how they found the classes and if they would recommend it. Im already approved to start this summer quater and already half way through my ADN, just looking for some advice from people in the trenches
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    I attend ICN at the main campus and I can tell you we receive much more attention and encouragement from faculty than the off-site students. You only get lectures through video feeds that suffer from poor connection problems and it generally seems as if the faculty puts most of their effort into us main site students.
    Hope this helps.
  11. by   tofutti
    Ann, did you find anything else out? I'm looking at online rn-bsn programs in the pac nw too and the decision comes down to who will have the least time consuming, least stressful clinicals.
  12. by   fromtheheartRN
    I am a WSU alumni. Dec 2004.
    I started writing a novelette on my exp. with WSU but decided to cut it short.
    Bottom line...
    It is the BEST education money can buy.
    I am starting my third year of being an RN.
    ANY program is what YOU make it to be!
    Good luck, and remember that the first year on the floor will surpass (tenfold) ANY nursing education that you receive from 'formal' learning.
    Study deeply, keep resources close by, and have the faith in yourself to
    become the best at what you do.
    I am proud to say I am an ICN/WSU graduate.
    They gave me the solid foundation that contributes to MY patients' positive outcomes everyday! (coupled with my determination and committment).
    If you can get into WSU, TAKE IT!
  13. by   ann945n
    Wow! thanks for the great advise about WSU. Im am currently in the process of filling out the application and have pretty much been told its no problem getting in since they dont have enough applicants for spots, funny huh? Im really excited to get started and offically be a WSU BSN student
  14. by   sprtnbsblplya
    I'm not sure who told you they dont have enough applicants to fill their spots, I go to school there and our faculty told us they had almost 800 applicants for their limited ~120-130 spots.
    So no, getting in there is not a cakewalk.
    They take however many applicants they have and cut it down to 250 they accept for an interview, then from there they only take half of that for admission.
    Fall semester is typically more difficult to get in as well, up until this spring's application pool, I think this application pool was one of their largest.