Everett Community College

  1. I was just wondering who is attending now? If so are you in pre-reqs or Nursing?

    If you attended and graduated, how'd you like it??

    I am going to be starting my pre-reqs next quarter!!

    Is it hard to get into Nursing school? Any tips?

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  3. by   sunshineonleith
    hey tonia -
    i don't know if you went to the advising session, but i passed by and thought about sticking my head in and saying, "anyone here mamakidee??"
  4. by   renao
    I am currently in the Nursing Program at Everett. I did my pre-reqs though at Skagit. I got right into Everett but I know they really look at grades. It is a tough program but you learn a lot.
  5. by   nessaRN
    Quote from Mamakidee
    If you attended and graduated, how'd you like it??

    I graduated from EVCC in December, passed my NCLEX in January and I'm now working at VGH on Med/Surg/Tele.

    Did I like nursing school? Sometimes... it's a tough program and it should be. It's very doable though, just remember to study, study, study. Don't slack off and, if you possibly can, work while you're in the program. (I didn't, but I think that working as a CNA or LPN really gives you a leg up on confidence with clinicals). I will say that there are a few instructors there that are fantastic, and a few that aren't. Take every opportunity in clinicals to observe, ask questions and perform. Practice assessments as often as you can and pay attention to how your preceptor/mentor nurses assess patients.

    There were times during school when I thought "Why am I doing this???", but now that I'm out on the floor I know that I made the right choice!
  6. by   marydee
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I, too, am working on my pre-req's to apply to EVCC's nursing program. I just have 4 science classes left, but since they are all successive, I have another year before I can apply. I am excited though.

    You mentioned that you work at VGH. I am a CNA looking to get a foot in the door at VGH or Providence. I have about 7 months experience in a nursing home. Any advice?

  7. by   malenurz
    Everett is a great program. Something like 99% of grads pass the NCLEX licensing exam on the first try. It's tough, and they throw a lot at you. Drop me an email if you'd like more info on the program, as I have a lot of strong feelings about it. I just graduated from there.